2 Minutes With... Bliss Car Care

Bliss Car Care are new to the detailing game and I wanted to know more about them. After reading their “About Us” page on their site, I reached out to them and asked them some more questions.

Lets see what Bliss Car Care have to say...

Who are BCC and the team?

Me, myself & I we are currently a one man band.

What is the 1 thing that people need to know about your brand?

Bliss car cares aim is to provide people with premium products developed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

What made you get into detailing?

The love of cleaning my personal cars and the satisfaction I got out of it, then made me widen my view to help others achieve this.

Your current favourite product?

My favourite product is Slick Suds shampoo, with its strong cherry fragrance and ever lasting suds. It’s an amazing product to use and gives an amazing finish.

Any new product releases coming or planned?

We have some new products and accessories in the pipeline to release in the next couple of weeks, but further on the year we will be looking to release an amazing hard wax to give your pride and joy the love it deserves.

Favourite car that you have detailed?

My favourite car has to be my Vauxhall Corsa B that had a full feature on the TotalVauxhall Magazine a few years ago ( keep an eye out because we will be detailing a couple of super cars in the coming weeks) pictures to follow.

What makes BCC different to the other companies out there?

We think Bliss Car Care is different as we provide the driveway detailer all the way to the professionals with the products that are easy to use and demonstrate amazing results.

Thanks to the guys at Bliss Car Care.

If you want to check them out click here

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