2 Minutes With... Constellation Chemicals

I’ve purchased a couple of products from Frank at Constellation Chemicals and have always been impressed. In fact their tyre dressing products - Aurora was part of my product of the year.

So...wanna know more about them? Read on.

Who is Constellation Chemicals?

We’re a small “mom and pop” detailing brand that create quality car care products without the “Scene Tax” you get with other brands.

Is it true your you’ve got a chemist degree (not Breaking Bad style)?

It is true indeed. I specialised in Pharmaceutical & Chemotherapeautical Chemistry so I guess a bit Heisenberg-y 😂

What made you get into detailing?

I’ve always been into modified cars and detailing kind of comes part in parcel with modified cars so started with the Halfords specials and Demon shine and moved up from there. Then I was offered a job manufacturing detailing products and snapped it up!

Your current favourite product?

Favourite product is Pulsar. It’s not a thick show foam but cleaning power is unrivalled 👌🏻

Any new product releases coming or planned?

Got some new Graphene infused products coming soon 👀

Favourite car that you’ve detailed?

I’ve not detailed many cars myself as I’m not a pro-detailer I’m more theory than application but I’d say the most fun to do was a Porsche 982 Boxter.

What makes CC different to all the other companies out there?

There’s not many brands out there that make their own products they rely on white labelled goods, we don’t we make everything ourselves.

That last answer is something to remember when you look at these guys! This is rare and their products are fantastic.

Check them out here.

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