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When you’re looking at purchasing car detailing products, do you sway more towards a company that you know more about? Do you want to know the people behind the brand and why they decided to release their own products?

We here at The Review Warriors certainly do and we can’t think of starting this BRAND NEW section on a brand, for me (WWR) smashed 2020.

Introducing “Garage Therapy”

Who is GT?

Garage Therapy relatively new (2 years old in April 2021) premium car care brand that focuses on bringing effective solutions to the car care market that focus on performance, quality and value.

What made you get into detailing?

We are ultimately car enthusiasts and part of enjoying cars and the ownership experience is looking after them not just mechanically but aesthetically also. Automotive Detailing is an important part of maximising your enjoyment and investment for your pride and joy.

Your current favourite product?

Current is the important word here as it changes depending on our current product focus and roadmap. Currently it is /ONE: Tyre Serum as its the newest and we are getting great feedback on it.

Any new product releases coming or planned?

This will be a very busy year for Garage Therapy as a lot of our projects for the past two years or more are now concluding. This year we will be releasing Ceramic Coatings which is a big investment and step up and for us as a small brand. There are many other products also coming this year but we don't want to ruin the surprise!

Favourite car that you’ve detailed?

Any Porsche.

What makes GT different to all the other companies out there?

Here at Garage Therapy we are not trying to be different for the sake of being different. We are trying to ensure that our passion for car care, the detailing industry and knowledge is reflected in the products we produce. Every one of our products has a great USP, is part of a system and aligns to the ethos of our brand. Our customers and future customers may see our story, our progression as a company, our products and the way they preform as different. If they see that, share the same passion and values we have, then we are hitting our goals and are different enough for them to notice and support us. :)


Maz and Rodger

A massive thank you to Maz and Rodger for being the first to take part. I’m sure these guys will be going from strength to strength in 2021

Check out GT here

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