Is It Getting Cold or Is It 8 Below Zero?

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

So... what does Wax-Planet say about their snow foam...

"Eight Below is a highly concentrated snow foam with a high Ph bringing high cleaning power. Effortlessly removes ingrained traffic film and other contaminants."

The Review


The bottle is just a standard bottle but for me the logo creams out, and looks really good. The blue lable, complements the gold logo and the white futuristic text is awesome. The screw lid on top was easy to undo and screw back on.


My car was only slightly dirty as due to lock down, I've not really been anywhere. I wheeled out the average the Karcher K2 pressure washer and rinsed of the dust and hard rain water drops off the car.

I poured in 100ml of Eight Below and then filled up to the 1lt line with warm water. The whiteness poored out the snow foam lance onto the the roof, then down to the door panels.

I'd say it was about 80% thick for me, but thats probably due to my crappy pressure washer.

It got the dirt in a chock hold immediately, getting rid of the cr*p and you could see it working.
Excellent cleaning power!


Personally I don't mind the smell when I opened the bottle. I took a whiff and thought "Hmm, what is that smell?". Gave it to the Mrs and she went "That is awful". She should have smelled some of the others we've tried.

I got a few hints of marzipan, which I don't mind.

You don't smell anything when using the snow foam lance though.


Very easy and simple to use. Following the guidelines on the bottle or the website and use the correct ratio for what you are using the snow foam for.

Dilute 1:10 for heavy soiling.

Dilute 1:20 for routine washes

I used 1:10 and let the product dewll for about 5 minutes and rinsing off was done easily but could feel it clinging more than others, which we like


The foam for me was 80% thick.

Remember that multiple factors effect the thickness of foam, but I liked the thickness of this snow foam

Mine was probably my crappy Karcher K2 pressure washer, I'm sure with a more premium pressure washer, this snow foam will be a knock out.


If you're looking for a product with very strong cleaning power and clinging to the car, this is the one. This is an above average thickness snow foam, so like the 3 bears, it could be jusssst right.

Price - £10.00 (15/06/2020)

For a 1lt, it's about average


Statement from Wax-Planet

"This snow foam is not Ph neutral, it has the same Ph as autofoam, high Ph gives it the cleaning power. High Ph does not mean it will strip any protection off a car."


We cannot highly recommend this snow foam enough! This fits for those who are looking for a snow foam that is not too thick, or not too thin.

It cleans amazingly well and when left to dwell, the product doesn't stream down the car. It slowly decents whilst taking all the crud and cr*p off the car.

It's safe to use on cars that have waxes and other protection (according to Wax Planet). Use at a high ratio for a filth bag car and a low ratio for a maintence wash. It's so easy to use and you can really see the dirt lifting and being removed.

Get It: V.Highly Recommended, you won't be disappointed


Try It:

Avoid It:

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