Aenso Polaris Snow Foam - Is The Price Tag Worth It?

Aenso Tagline:

Polaris is a universal snow foam, capable of softening dirt and other contamination on the surfaces of motor vehicles. Depending on dosage, it can be gentle enough for regular maintenance of vehicles protected with waxes, yet powerful enough to strip heavy contamination off the car at higher concentration.



This bottle is unique to others on the market and looks very nice. I'm sure if you have the whole collection on the shelf, it'll look fantastic


The wifes car was filfthy. It hadn't been cleaned for weeks and with trips to the yard, there was bugs and crap, all over the car. We carried out the average the Karcher K2 pressure washer, as the handle has now snapped off, we rinsed of the heavy crap off the car. We then poured in 100ml of Polaris Snow Foam, and then filled up to the 1lt line with warm water. This snow foam oozes out the cannon and sticks to the car like nothing I’ve ever seen.

For us, the thickness of this snow foam is perfect. Thick and clingy. It got the dirt and debris in a bear hug, getting rid of everything in it's path, you could see it working.

It cleaned the car very well and removed all the dirt that that was attached to the car. You can see the dirt being removed in the pictures below, especially in the wheels and doors.
A great pH neutral cleaner that is safe on waxed cars.

Excellent cleaning power!


This is where this snow foam kills the competition. Yes Gilly Wash!

Upon opening the bottle, you had an immediate smell of cherryade. Absolutely loved it. I still open the bottle to have a whiff.

I thought "It'll probably die when it's on the car". Nope, I was wrong, I could still smell the cherryade on the car.

Amazing!! So far the best smelling snow foam, hands down.


Was easy and simple to use. Following the guidelines on the bottle or on the website and use the correct ratio for what you are using the snow foam for.

Add 1ml of Polaris to 10ml of water in a foam lance and mix well until dissolved. Spray foam on car and leave to react. Wash away with pressure washer. Do not leave to dry on surface!

I used 1:10 and let the product dewll for about 5 minutes and rinsing off was done easily and could feel it clinging more than others. Also still had a hint of the cherryade.


The foam thickness is perfect for me.

Was 100% spot on. Loved the thickness the clinged and at the same time you could see another layer running down the car, removing the crap that had been released from the snow foam.



If you're looking for a product with good cleaning power snow foam this is the one. Most people use snow foam once, but I follow a safe wash guide, and use it twice, so I'll be going through this quickly.

Price - £15.48 (07/08/2020) but £12.39 with our code for members as you get 15% off

For a 500ml it's expensive but you get what you pay for in this instance.


We highly recommend this snow foam.

Its excellent smell, simple bottle design, cleaning power and ease of use - is the best we've tried so far.

It clinged to the car perfectly and at the same time removed the dirt that had welded itself to the car,

We absolutely love this snow foam, perfect for those looking for a heavy clean. You can also use less solution for a car that is just a regular wash.

Yes, it's on the expensive side but for those who are looking for something different and have an amazing scent when working, this is your boy!

Love this snow foam, brilliant!!

Get It: A spectacular snow foam, no hesitation with getting this again.


Try It:

Avoid It:

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