Aenso Window Cleaner

Updated: Feb 8

So this was my 1st purchase of buying Aenso cleaning products I purchased the window cleaner and tyre cleaner.


I like the packaging its both stylish and simplistic, in its design and has a very high end feel to it which helps it stick out against other brands. Both the products come with a lid and a trigger spray to fit for use.

The Product

I found the product really easy to use and apply, a few trigger sprays to a cloth and apply to the glass. As with most glass cleaners you seem to get smearing however with this product it was very limited to none so was a pleasure to apply.


I paid £11.44 which is on the higher side of glass cleaners but I think its a great product and certainly does the job


I really like this product its easy application and stylish looks make it a great product for anyone's detailing kit. I'm really looking forward to trying out more of there products and I have a follow up review on there tire cleaner.

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