Alien Magic Halloween 2020 Review: Iron Fallout Remover Episode

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

Now... I’m excited about trying these products out in the new Halloween 2020 range.

In the kit is a shampoo, quick detailer, wash mitt and of course - iron fallout remover, which we will look at in this blog.

This chaps, this is the daddy of the fallout remover world! Stand aside everyone Alien Magic Car Care, have released their Halloween 2020 bundle and this includes a new fallout remover. 

The thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!


The design of these bottles are nice and slick, and the Halloween logo is brilliant. The logo has hanved for the Halloween design opting for a black A&M, with an orange background, this looks awesome


As you can see from the picture, this wheel is filth, over 600 miles.

I shook the bottle to get the product to wake up and then started spraying. 

After a few seconds, a slight change started to happen and then after 2 minutes the entire wheel was bleeding. This looked scary, as it looked like pure bloody with a hint of grapefruit 😂.

I left the wheel for 3 minutes, no agitation and rinsed off with a HOSE!!

Yes a crappy little hose, as my pressure washer died. 

The rinse off was a doddle, and you can see, it removed nearly all of the 💩. If I had a pressure washer, this wheel would be gleaming. 


The smell is really unbelivable!

How on earth could something that is so powerful, smell like GRAPEFRUIT! Is this better smelling then their cherry (Wrath), depends on personal preference. I like them both.



Shake the bottle well, only use on cold surfaces.

Spray on decided surface and leave on for 1-3 minutes, do not let dry. At the time of application the product is transparent, however when in contact with contaminants it will turn purple meaning the contaminants are being dissolved.

in hard to reach places or alloys are heavily soiled, use a soft brish to agitate, then rinse with water.


For purposes of the video and demonstration, I applied this straight to the wheel without cleaning. After a few seconds of spraying, you could see the change happening, but after 3 minutes - Jeez! There was a huge difference and the wheel was completely covered!


A superb fallout remover.  Smells great, works amazingly, very little used and bites more than a Rottweiler. This is frigging awesome. Get this people, simple.

The easiest ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ever given for a fallout remover product and rightly so, taken the champion of the category, knocking off Bilt Hamber Auto Wheel. Congrats AM!!

Get It: Our new champion of the fallout remover world! The best we've tried so far!


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