Alien Magic Halloween 2020 Review: Shampoo Episode

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Now... I’m excited about trying these products out in the new Halloween 2020 range.

In the kit is a shampoo, quick detailer, wash mitt and of course - iron fallout remover. In this blog, we look into the shampoo

This chaps, has received excellent reviews from other car detailing reviewers, but how will Weekend Warrior Reviews rate this highly anticipated shampoo!

The thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

The Review


The design of these bottles are nice and slick, and the Halloween logo is brilliant. The logo has hanved for the Halloween design opting for a black A&M, with an orange background, this looks awesome.

Look at the gold lid... How premium does it look!


This is going to be interesting. For me the car looks a little dirty, so not really expecting mind blowing results.

I shook the bottle to get the product to wake up and then press the lid side down to open. 

I filled up half of the bucket with warm water and then as you can see, squirted 2 parts of the shampoo in.

The liquid is not as thick as some of the others I have tried but loving the red colour of the shampoo in the bucket - looks like blood and perfect for halloween.

I then stuck my boring garden hose in the bucket and then started to agitate the shampoo in the bucket.

As you can, just from a hose, the suds starting appearing easily.

This shampoo mixes brilliantly, and the smell coming out of the bucket is... well read below :)

I then plundged the new Alien Magic Deluxe wash mitt in the bucket and let the suds clinge to the mitt. I squeezed the mit a couple of times to get the shampoo mixed in the mitt, and placed it on the bonnet. The mitt was heavy and picked up a lot of suds and shampoo, and as you can see from the video, with just a squeeze, the shampoo suds poured over the car.

Rinsing off the shampoo was a doddle and felt that the shampoo had done an excellent job,

Excellent cleaning power, there was not a single piece of dirt, mud or filth left on the car!


The smell is really unbelivable! I could drink it (but I wont)

When I was unscrewing the lid to put the gold cap on, the aroma came straight out the bottle. However, I still stuck my hooter in there and took a good, old sniff. The pumpkin and orange spice jump out at you. If this was made into a drink, I'd drink it - especially and energy drink ;)


Normally, I find shampoo's easier, but for some reason, the Essex in me is making me scratch my head.

Dilute with up to 400 parts hand-hot water. I know I'm a bit slow when it comes to maths, but I just thought "Sod it. I'd just squirt it twice" :)

Shake bottle well, dilute with up to 400 parts hand-hot water.

Manually wash vehicle then rinse off with clean water.

Do not wash vehicles in hot/direct sunlight.


The suds were nice, thick and lasted long in my hand. There wasn't loads of suds, but that was probably me being a moron and diluting it how I felt would work.


Now this stuff is slick!

The wash mitt, is big and holds a lot of water and heavier than the average mitt and the fact that it was still sliding across the bonnet and around the car, makes this shampoo and slick machine!



A fantastic shampoo which easily complements the QD, Fallout Remover and the Wash mitt.

The fragrence smells like Halloween (I know...), the red liquid looks like blood, the bottle looks amazing and the slickness and thick suds are superb.

The whole bundle is mind blowing and if you haven't tried Alien Magic, and you then purchase this kit, the bar will be set incredibly high for the other brands you try.

If you haven't bought the kit, get it NOW!

Get It: Great smell, suds are good and the slickness is something else. Absolutely love it!


Try It:

Avoid It:

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