Alien Magic Wrath Fallout Remover Review

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Weekend Warrior Reviews are putting Alien Magic’s Wrath to the test.

WWR have been recommended to review this iron fallout, by so many people, that we thought “Right, let’s see what this shizzle is all about?”

So... what do Alien Magic say about Wrath...

Iron particles have a horrible way of finding themselves embedded in your paintwork and all wheel types. There are many ways in which our pride and joy receives these unwanted defects. Wrath is bottled at the correct strength but can be diluted if required, it dissolves the iron it comes into contact with instantly and only the iron making it totally safe to use on all surfaces. Leaving behind a trail of deep purple dye to display its dissolving ability is complete which is then safe to rinse away leaving a surface as smooth as a baby’s bottom. It neutralise the bond with porous surfaces without the need for agitation and will not streak or stain surfaces.


Love everything about this bottle Design, it's cleverly thought out & looks like it's from the future. The logo beams out of the top of the bottle and the font looks futuristic which is a nice touch. The screw lid on top was easy to undo and screw back on! Best so far peeps!


These wheels were horrid. Hadn't been cleaned for a few weels and built up grime from the road, stables and the crap from the building work from the neighbour.  

Sadly my K2 died, so I had to get the hose out for this one.  I wet the wheel as explained on the bottle and sprayed around 10-12 time on the wheel.  

After around 20 seconds you could see that the reaction was kicking in and the wheel had started to turn purple.

As I didn't have a pressure washer, I agitated the product to cover the whole wheel and then rinsed off the product. WOW! This alloy was sparkling in the sun and the power of Wrath was shining through. This demolished the dirt!


This is where this fallout remover kills the competition.

Upon opening the bottle, you had an immediate smell of cherry's. What... is this a fallout remover or a cherry drink.

Is clearly one of the best smelling fallout removers out there.  Couldn't really smell it when sprayed on the wheel, but it's better than a strong chemical smell



Simple... Iron fallout remover is an essential product in the car wash routine, usually the 1st step after thoroughly rinsing down the entire vehicle for a maintenance car wash its sole job is to remove the iron particles embedded in paint and wheels before starting the wash. ALIEN MAGIC WRATH Direction For Use

  • Rinse the vehicle thoroughly

  • Spray on contaminated surfaces

  • Leave to dwell for up to 3mins ensure it does not dry on the surface

  • Product will appear clear in colour until it makes contact with contaminants and turns deep purple

  • In hard to reach areas agitate with a soft bristle brush

  • Rinse with water at high pressure


This took a little longer than out champion, when when it did, boy did it show.

It took around 20 seconds for the first purple to show and the 40 seconds for more to show and then around 55 seconds, it looked like someone slit the jugular and blood was pouring everywhere.

Awesome colouring and thickness, more of a gel consistency than a liquid


Another excellent product from Alien Magic.  A superb fallout remove which smells great, cleans like a beast, has a nice gel like feel when applied to to wheel which is nice to work in and it left the wheel sparkling. The only VERY slight thing, is that the reaction is a little longer than our champion and slightly more expensive. I have seriously no hesitation recommending this fallout product and you will not be disappointed with the results that you will achieve.

Get It: A spectacular fallout remover which works like a charm


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Avoid It:

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