Bilt Hamber Auto Foam | Worth the Hype?

If you've ever seen any of the videos on my YouTube channel, then you'll know that this has been my go-to snow foam for a while now. I've used it on countless cars, both well-maintained and completely neglected, and it hasn't let me down. Here's why I think it's a solid option to go for if you're after a new snow foam.

Cleaning Ability

For me, cleaning power is my top priority when it comes to choosing a snow foam. Yes, like everyone else I love a good snow foam Instagram pic where the foam is so thick you can't even see the colour of the car. But ultimately, it's cleaning power which decides whether it's actually worth using.

One of the reasons this snow foam is rated so highly, is because it just does a great job at cleaning. It actually makes snow foaming worth while, rather than just fun to look at. Here's a before and after pic to demonstrate how well it cleans. I let the car air-dry prior to taking the before and after photos so you can see the full-effect after using the snow foam at 2% panel impact ratio (PIR) which is pretty low in terms of the concentration.

Dilution Ratio

The instructions on this snow foam are a little different to most other products. Instead of simply saying to add X number of millilitres to your foam cannon, the instructions talk about "panel impact ratio" (PIR). This is a little more complicated to work out, but I've got a video on my YouTube channel on how to calculate PIR if you're struggling.

You'll need a PIR of between 2% and 5%. I find that 2% works well for well maintained cars so it's what I use on my weekly wash. Whereas 5% is for absolutely filthy vehicles. Here's how it works out with my foam cannon.

- 2% PIR = 200ml of snow foam to 900ml of water

- 5% PIR = 500ml of snow foam to 500ml of water

Foam Thickness and Dwell Time

Auto Foam produces a pretty thin layer of foam on the car, so if Instagram shots is what you're after, then you'll probably be disappointed! I'm not overly bothered about foam thickness, because I'm more concerned with cleaning power. However it would be nice if it was a bit thicker so gave you more time to work on the badges and trim with a brush.

The thinness of the foam also means that it runs off pretty quickly, so you won't get a very long dwell time. I've found that 5 minutes works about right for this snow foam.


This is one of the cheaper foams on the market, which is great considering its quality. Typically, the 5 litre bottle comes in at around £17 through most retailers. I normally use around 100ml per wash, diluted in 400ml of water. This makes the cost per wash around 34p which is excellent value for money. Of course, if you're dealing with dirtier cars, it will cost a bit more.

Effect on Paint Protection

This is an alkaline snow foam, which means that it will cause your wax or sealant to degrade a bit faster than if you used a pH neutral foam. I don't find it to be a massive issue, and I would always prefer to use a stronger snow foam which degraded my sealant a bit faster, than a pH neutral one that doesn't do a lot.

Overall Thoughts

Bilt Hamber Auto Foam is a cracking product if you're looking for something that's good value for money and great at cleaning. The only negative for me, is the foam thickness. It'd be nice if it was a touch thicker which would give it a longer dwell time so I could use some brushes on the badges and trim.

If you'd like to see this product in action, then head over to my YouTube review of this snow foam.

Thanks for reading!

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