Car Chem Hydro QD: Hybrid Quick Detailer Spray

Up until recently, I didn't really use quick detailer sprays all that often. However, I picked this little sample of Hydro QD by Car Chem, along with 6 other products from the range to see if I was missing out by not using a QD. I wanted something very hydrophobic, nice and glossy, and easy to use. So keep reading to see if this one was able to fit the bill!


With a name like Hydro, you'd probably be a bit disappointed if it didn't sheet and bead like crazy, fortunately, it more than lived up to its name. I was very impressed with the level of water repellency it offered. For me, it's a really big factor to consider, because I like to use very hydrophobic sealants, and if the QD masks it, then I just won't use one.

So here is a picture of the car in the rain the day after it was washed. If you want some video clips, then head over to my YouTube review to see the water behaviour in action.

Ease of Application

So the instructions say to apply the spray to the entire car, then buff it off with a second cloth afterwards. To be honest, it's probably one of those where you can get away with applying and buffing off straight away because it flashes off quite quickly. Either way, it isn't streaky and doesn't cause smears, so the application is very straight-forward and fuss-free.

Gloss and Finish

Like I mentioned above, the finish is very clean and not at all streaky following application. The gloss levels are also pretty nice too. However, I'm always conscious that the glossiness of the paint, really comes from the condition, not what you put on top. So don't expect it to completely transform the paintwork!

Scent and Appearance

This QD is a lovely purple colour which looks very nice on the shelf. Also, it smells of parma violets, which is actually fairly strong so you can definitely smell it when you're applying it. So if you like a nice-smelling QD (honestly, who doesn't?), then you won't be disappointed. Unless of course you have terrible taste in confectionary and don't like parma violets.


The value for money with this product really is top notch. You can get 500ml for £8.99 which is very cheap consider the prices I've seem from other detailing brands for QD sprays. You also don't need to use a lot of the product either, so it'll last a long time. Or, you can do what I did and pick up the 5 x 100ml samples for £10 deal which I'd highly recommend if you've got an addition to trying detailing products like myself!

Overall Thoughts

This product definitely ticked a lot of boxes for me in terms of the water behavoir, finish and ease of use. I'd definitely say this is more of a hybrid QD so could fall into the spray sealant category for some people, instead of a true QD so I think if you're looking for something to top up the protection after washing, then it's a great one to look at.

If you're after a video review, then head over to my YouTube channel for an in-depth demo and review of the product.

Thanks very much for reading!

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