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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

I picked up some Car Chem products a few months ago, having never tried anything from the brand before. One of the products that I was most excited to try, was the Super Suds Shampoo. I was running out of Bilt Hamber Auto Wash and wanted to give something else a go. So why did I go for this one? Well it ticked a few boxes right off the bat.

- Great dilution ratio

- Low cost per wash

- Car Chem have a minimum spend of £20 for free delivery which is always a plus

Here’s what I made of this maintenance shampoo.

Dilution Ratio

I always look for a good dilution ratio when I choose a car shampoo, because A) I don’t want to burn through it too quickly and have to reorder, and B) it usually works out cheaper overall. So you need around 12 ml per 25 litres in the bucket according to Car Chem.

However, I normally only use around 10-15 litres of water per wash, so 8 ml was more than enough for me. It’s a thick gel-like consistency so you can tell it hasn’t been watered down much at all which is very important in terms of the value for money. No one wants to pay good money for shampoo that’s mainly water. Bottom line, it’s very concentrated so you’ll get at least 40 washes if you go for the 500 ml bottle.

Cleaning Power

I first tested out this shampoo on my car, which is well maintained and always thoroughly pre-washed, so it wasn’t a huge testing of its cleaning ability. More recently, I tried it on an absolutely filthy van that hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. Even Bilt Hamber Auto Foam at top concentration couldn’t shift a lot of the grime in the pre-wash.

However, I used this for the contact wash and was pleasantly surprised at how easily it tackled the filthy. So I definitely would back this shampoo in terms of its cleaning power. Keep in mind though, that it’s designed for maintenance washes, so it doesn’t have wax or sealant stripping ability.

Lubrication and Suds

So what’s it like to work with? It definitely feels safe on the paintwork that’s for sure. It offers plenty of lubrication and my wash mitt always glides over the panels very nicely. It’s got a good balance between offering lubrication, and plenty of suds as well so it makes the contact wash an enjoyable process.

Cost Per Wash

Going back to what I said earlier, you’ll get at least 40 washes with the 500 ml bottle. This size is £10.50, bringing the cost per wash to around 26p. And that’s if you use a 25 litre bucket. You can probably get away with less, and I’ve worked out it costs me roughly 16p per wash. Can’t really argue with that. It also comes in larger sizes (1litre, 5litres and 25litres) which makes the cost per wash insanely low if you choose one of those options.


This product isn’t a “gloss-boosting” shampoo. Which for me is perfect. I don’t want my shampoo to layer any protection or coating over the sealant I have on already. I’m not a huge fan of shampoos that essentially mask whatever is underneath. This one just does a good job of cleaning and rinses away easily which is all I’m after when it comes to a maintenance wash.

Scent and Appearance

The shampoo has a mild lime scent and yellow colour. It’s not the most exciting product I’ve tried in terms of the smell, but it’s pleasant and I think you’d be hard pushed to find someone who wasn’t a fan of it.


When the product arrived, I was surprised to see that it had a pump-head, instead of a flip-cap. The photos on the website show what looks like a flip-cap, however, the description does talk about adding “4 pumps”, so it shouldn’t have come as too much of a shock!

I really like the pump design, it makes it easy to dispense the right amount of product, and isn’t messy.

However, you have to be careful when you handle it, because if you drop it, the pump can and will snap off. It was my own fault, but I thought that trying to juggle with the bottle would be a good idea (I know I know). Anyway, I dropped it on the concrete and the pump snapped off. It’s still usable but kind of annoying. Just don’t make my mistake of overestimating your juggling ability and you’ll be fine!

Overall Thoughts

It’s a solid shampoo. Great value for money, strong cleaning ability, plenty of lubricity and has an excellent dilution ratio. I’m struggling to find a negative to be honest, especially when it is paired with a very reasonable minimum free delivery amount.

Thanks for reading this review! Check out my video review of this shampoo on my YouTube channel.

Car Chem Super Suds video review:

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