Did You Stick A Smurf In A Blender

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

Blue, YES blue snow foam!
This isn’t a review just a product beta test

Soon to be released from Alien Magic Car Cafe I was honoured to be asked by Rob to test the snow foam before general release for some honest feedback.

This product is THICK and I wanted to show this off, so added 200ml into 500ml of warm water! I could of added 100-150 but wanted to how blue it was. Jeez, this is blue, thick, smells AMAZING - Parma violets but think it’s changing, cleans well, clings great and dwells great.

I left it for 11 mins and it was still hanging around.

Rinsing off was simple and easy!

Is a coloured snow foam for me.

Still debating as it’s kinda messy if you spill it but I’m a klutz 😂 Still an excellent snow foam and next time I’ll try 100ml.

I did have a massive smile on my face and was laughing the whole time I was using this.
The neighbours were staring 😝😝

An excellent snow foam thats smells great, cleans brilliantly and dwells for a long time.

When this is out, go and get some and have some fun.

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