Duel Flex Polymer Sealant

Have you ever protected a whole car with 5ml of product? That’s right just 5ml, I hadn’t either until now.

Flex is the new lance applied polymer sealant from Duel that claims at least 6 weeks durability from one simple spray and rinse application. I have been lucky enough to have received this a couple of weeks before release to be able to try it out and give a review which I am now allowed to post as it’s near launch day.

It comes in a smart little pouch that includes the 100ml of product, a measuring cup and syringe. The labelling on the porch and bottle both give the simple instructions for use-

‘Measure out 5ml using the enclosed measuring cup and syringe. Add to 250ml of water in your snow foam lance. Apply to entire vehicle exterior including glass. Allow 4-5 minutes dwell time. Pressure rinse off thoroughly.’

To use then was as easy as the instructions and for just 5ml it gave a surprisingly decent layer of foam which is very handy so you can see where you have been and ensure you get full coverage. I was using here on an estate car and the 255ml of solution in the lance was plenty in fact I still had a little left after thoroughly covering the car. During the five minutes dwell time you see the blanket of foam slowly disperse into a few beads as the protection starts to bond. Then to rinse off the slight foaminess that remains gives another visual guide to ensure all the excess is throughly rinsed off.

Using at this time of year I had no issues at all with the dwell time and rinse off but would be a lot more careful in the summer to avoid hot panels and potential drying out in the sun which could possibly lead to streaking and water marks as with all products that dwell on the surface.

The initial results are as good as any wax or sealant I have used with extremely pronounced beading that just keeps rolling off. And drying the car was so easy as 90% of the water was sheeted off with a low pressure hose.

It was glossy too for a silver car that isn’t the best to demonstrate appearance there was still great reflections. Some spray and rinse style sealants need to be followed by a detail spray when drying to get a perfect finish but not this one.

I will soon have the car back for a maintenance wash and see how it is holding up so will keep posting updates on Instagram. The claimed durability of 6-8 weeks isn’t the longest but being so easy to apply, getting 20 uses from the bottle and great results I’d not be put off by that.

So let’s talk about costs, the release price is £14.99 and assume the full durability of 2 months is achieved.

Having 20 uses from the bottle makes it 75p per wash and with that durability £4.50 per year to protect one car!

To put that in context other spray and rinse sealants I have used recently 26JPN hydro coat is £10 for 500ml and claimed 3 months durability, being ready to use I’d only get around 5 applications from this though making it £2 per use and applied every 3 months £8 for a years protection on one car. Another I have used recently is Solution61 Easy Bead which costs £8 for 500ml and is able to be diluted to give 1.25L of solution for that price and from how much I used per wash I would get around 12 applications from that with 1 month durability so 66p per use and £8 per year on one car. When people think spray and rinse they will think Gyeon wet coat which I haven’t got around to using myself but know that AutoCareHQ has tested this so asked Heather to fill me in on the details of that, it costs around £11.50 for 500ml and average usage seems to be around 75ml per car so £1.75 per use. Even with the claimed maximum durability of 3 months that comes out at £7 a year to protect your car.

This makes Duel Flex almost half the cost per year of those examples due to its extreme concentration using just 5ml per application. So it’s good value, easy to apply and gives great results! I think I will make great use of this when cleaning other peoples cars that need quick protection and for my own cars I do still like to apply wax occasionally but Flex will be great for topping up that protection between waxing.

if you want to try this for yourself keep an eye on Duel’s social media for exact launch information. Or check out their website via this link for 20% off until Valentine’s Day (because I love you) -

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