Garage Therapy / One : Car Shampoo

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I was watching youtubers rave about this range of products so had to try for myself and wow was I surprised.

This shampoo has everything you need in a car shampoo, it’s one of the highest concentrated shampoo’s on the market so it’s very good value, you can use as little as 15-20ml in a huge 20L bucket to give you suds which last throught the wash, slickness which allows the wash media to glide across the paintwork and the scent is lovely!!

Simplewax Suds is another of my favourites as I have a custom made one with colour and scent, so these 2 products are now my absolute favourite shampoo’s

The Garage Therapy one has possibly one very slight edge over Simplewax. And that’s how it leaves the paint, squeaky clean, literally!!

Good job Garage Therapy 👌

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