Garage Therapy /ONE: CAR SHAMPOO

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Having featured twice on this site already, I think it’s worth my first entry into the new Review Warriors Champions area.

**** revised 21/12/2020 a new car shampoo has taken this slot in the champions area from me- *****

Previously /one car shampoo was among my Garage Therapy poetry collection with this suggestive little Haiku-

Max lubrication

Strong but safe and oozing suds

A bucket of love

I did justify that rather provocative depiction further on the full post if you are intrigued-

Then I decided for me the most important feature of a maintenance shampoo was the slickness and the ability to glide across the panel, being so well lubricated the pressure exerted onto the wash mitt is so minimal that love marks will not be inflicted. Needless to say Garage therapy /one car shampoo slid to victory and was crowned the slickest shampoo in my shed! If you’d like to see how the action unfolded you can see that here-

I think you will agree after all of that it’s more than worthy of this spot in the prestigious Review Warriors Champions Area.

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