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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

After dropping the bottle and breaking the trigger I wasn’t off to a good start,

Spilling half the contents on the drive wasn’t even the worst part.

After fixing my bottle to have another go it began to bloody rain,

Eventually it stopped just before sunset so I went back out again.

Prime the pad and spray the panel just a spritz will do,

Application is a little more finicky compared to what I’m used too.

But don’t be put off when you get in a rhythm and start to see the finish,

Deep colour showing though and glossy for sure decent levels of slickness.

Two coats applied for durability to see me through the winter,

Topped off with sigma for full effect and the car looks and absolute minter.

Eighteen pound on its own or save a little with the protection bundle,

Apart from spilling half it will last for ages so a fair price I wouldn’t grumble.

I forgot to mention It smells good too which is important to Rob,

So for all round protection try 3CS I think it does a great job.

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