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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

The finale of my Garage Therapy posts is the newest offering /Zero Iron Oxide and it’s all a bit serious compared to the others!

The only product not covered by me will be the /Two QD even though it’s supposed to be one of the best I have so many other QD’s I didn’t purchase that one. The rest of the range I did have though has had many rave reviews from everyone within the detailing community I used a little creativity with those which hopefully some have enjoyed but this newly released product is yet to have much spot light so I’ll try my best to sum it up.

What is it?

Basically a fallout remover but that’s not all knowing the garage therapy range it must be more than just a fallout remover. Yes it is a carefully thought out consistency to offer the best coverage and dwelling time, it also contains other surfactants to tackle any stubborn contamination not just the ferrous particles.

When would I use it?

That’s another thing Garage Therapy are great at versatility. It’s main use for me will be as part of a full decontamination. It can also be used as a wheel cleaner if there is a lot of baked on brake dust I would apply and let this dwell before going in with my wheel shampoo soaked brushes. They also advise it can be used to revive ceramic coatings that are clogged up.

My experience-

I have used this on two full decontaminations bodywork and wheels, it’s a very thick gel which as mentioned above is great for hang time, luckily I had cool cloudy days but on warmer days you’d have to be careful it doesn’t dry out.

It did as expected bleed purple but as both cars were blue unfortunately I didn’t get any extreme photos to show this. On agitation the thick gel foams up and offers lubrication to your brush too which is nice. The results are also as expected squeaky clean.

Should you buy it?

If you already have a decon procedure and fall out remover you are happy with then great but if your looking to freshen up your routine with a really deep cleansing product then this will not disappoint.

At £11 for 500ml that is reasonable and in line with premium brands like Gyeon Q2M iron at £12.50, but also consider Pyramid fall out remover is a nice thick gel available for £7.99 (or £6.40 with discount code GillyWash and it’s free delivery).

The value with Garage Therapy Iron Oxide is had in the 1L bottle for £15 where as Gyeon jumps to £22! For this price with the other deep cleansing properties within Iron Oxide which make it unique I’d say it’s a great addition to anyone’s decontamination routine.

Extra note for the sniffing warrior it smells like most fall removers but not too strong that it’s noticeable in normal use.

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