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Updated: Nov 29, 2020

“Zero : iron oxide is an extremely powerful ferrous metal fallout remover that is also infused with robust deep cleaning surfactants from /Zero : Decon shampoo”

First impressions.. I have been incredibly impressed with every GT product thus far and this new addition to the range has been long awaited. I bought the 1L bottle blindly, with no reviews or having even seen it in use. I just knew it would be up to the job and I have to say I have been blown away with Iron Oxide, it has exceeded all expectations in every way!!

Uniformity - standard GT labelling and plenty of information on the packaging label and clear Instructions for use.

First Use- The opening! 😷

to be honest, it wasn’t as bad as some fallout removers. It wasn’t as ‘eggy’ as eg Iron X and was very similar in scent to Korrosol but not as strong , yes, not all fallout removers smell the same. it comes supplied with the fantastic GT trigger sprayer which is very comfortable in operation and extremely adjustable with the twist nozzle on the front. Time will tell if the acid will affect its operation but all good for now. it’s a gel like liquid and where it’s sprayed, it sticks!!, so it’s best to try and get the product to atomise as best you can, but it’s tricky.

Dwell time is around 4-5mins , I left it a little longer as it was a cold cloudy day with no chance of the product drying on the panel but bear that in mind for summer use.

There is literally no run off, which is excellent as the product sits on the paintwork and just gets to work within a minute and you start to see ’bleeding’ as the thioglycolic acid reacts with the invisible ferrous metal contaminants on the paintwork, and as each minute passes it continues to work on and on, you start seeing more and more purple emerging.

Party Trick!!, Remember back at the start of the review I mentioned the surfactants from Zero : Decon?, well..... take a damp microfibre cloth and work the product across the paintwork, instantly you’ll feel how slick and sudsy this becomes, effortlessly cleansing the residues away so when you come to rinse away, it leaves a perfectly clean panel behind which is literally squeaky clean!!, no need for a further shampoo wash to neutralise any chemicals. Time saver right there!!

Summary - In all my experience of fallout removers Iron Oxide from GT has for me at least, made Korrosol redundant!!, NOTHING ELSE comes close to how good this is, it is also great as a wheel cleaner too!, but an expensive one so I’m not going to use it this way, I prefer to use GT wheel shampoo but if you need something stronger, this will be perfect.

A gel like liquid , powerful decontamination and a visible purple reaction indicator which can then be spread with a damp cloth to cleanse the area to rinse away leaving a perfectly cleaned and decontaminated panel.

Availble from or, don’t forget to check our discount area for an exclusive review warriors discount.

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