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I've recently tried a few products which were kindly sent to me by GB Detailing, one of which was Hydro Wax. The product description boasts that it has incredible water behaviour, so I put it to the test on an Audi A4 after a full decontamination to see if it lived up to its name. Here's what I made of it!


One of the major selling points of this wax according to GB Detailing, is the water repellency, so I was keen to see if it really impressed or not. I can honestly say that the water behaviour that this wax produces is insane. It beads water very well when you spray the car with a hose, but what is really outstanding is the water-sheeting ability. It absolutely throws water off the surface when you rinse it with light pressure.

Here's a link to my YouTube review of this wax where you can see the water behaviour in action. Skip to 2:06 to see the clips!


The wax goes on very easily, it spreads evenly and you don't need much on the applicator. It's not the easiest wax to remove that I've ever tried, but it isn't that much hard work either. I had no issues whatsoever with streaking, smearing or ghosting once it was buffed away. The instructions say to apply a thin layer and buff away after roughly 12 minutes, but I left it around 18 minutes and it didn't cause any problems.


The wax leaves a nice, clean finish. The weather wasn't amazing on the day of applying it so it didn't look like the glossiest wax I've ever used, as the dull lighting really wasn't helping. Here's a completely unedited photo of the car so you can see the true effect of the wax on a typically British cloudy day.


This wax claims up to 4 months durability when applying a single layer, however you can apply multiple coats if you prefer to maximise the longevity. Unfortunately, I've not done any durability testing with this wax yet to see exactly how long it lasts on this car, but after the first few weeks there's no dip in performance so far.


The wax comes in two sizes, 50ml and 100ml. You can pick up the 50ml version for £15 and the 100ml for £25. I think both offer really good value for money considering you don't need much to apply it to the entire car. Also the durability claim of 4 months means you'll get at least a couple of years of protection even if you just go for the 50ml option.

Overall Thoughts

I have used Fusso Coat on my car in the past, solely because the water behaviour was insane and I didn't think it could be beaten. However, after trying this wax, I can honestly say that this is miles better in my opinion. It's a million times easier to apply than Fusso, the finish is much nicer and you can pick it up for cheaper.

If you're looking for a wax with crazy water behaviour that doesn't cost a tonne, then you'd be missing out if you didn't give this one a look!

Check out my video review of this wax and 9 other products in the GB Detailing range!

Thanks for reading!

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