Get Ready To Strip...Solution 61 Strip Back Snow Foam That Is!

Now.. I don't win anything but when I saw a competition to win the Solution 61 bundle, I thought "Sure, why not". Then I only went and bloody won it!

So what does Solution 61 say about their Strip Back Snow Foam...

"Strip back is a caustic snow foam which is easy to use to clean the worst of worst cars. Fighting grime & dirt like no other. We only advice to use this if you intend on completely sealing and protecting your car again after a full clean and using our Si02 wax."

Yes I won this, but the thoughts are completely my own!

The Review


Solution 61 have been speaking to us at Weekend Warrior Reviews and asking us what else is missing on the label. They have taken it on board and working on a new design, so watch this space,

Currently however - the logo is great and unique, along with the army syle font it's great. The label didn't stick to the bottle correctly and the the cap on the top reminds me of medicine but I kind like the push down to unscrew the bottle


This should be bread and butter for a strip back snow foam.

I shook the bottle to wake up the solution and added 100ml to 400ml of warm water to my Autobrite Direct snow foam lance. For me, I normally use 100ml and 900ml of water so if I was going with the others I'd be using 200ml of product, so doubling up.

As I poured the product in, I could see the colour of this product is blue/green, which I've not seen before.

So, as I squeezed the trigger the product poured out! Initial thoughts, is that it didn't look too thick but once I covered the car it seemed okay. As you can see below, it applies to the car really well.

After dwelling for over 5 mintues, this was really easy to rinse off and left a nice shine afterwards.

There was very minimal protection on the car before the test, but when I flooded the bonnet, there was zero protection on the car - therefore, it done it's job.


Oh my goodness this stuff reeks!

Firstly what do you expect, as this products has strong chemicals to remove waxes, but secondly there are others out there that have a nice scent.

What would I say this scent is... cat wee crossed with baby sick. Sorry not for me.



Add 100ml of the product to 400ml of warm water in your snow foam lance and squeeze the trigger - sorted!


Personally, I like a fairly thick snow foam, and this wasn't very thick. What it was though was clingy. Probably the most clingy snow foam I've tried, as you can see from the video below. It stuck to my fingers.

Even though it was sticking in my fingers and the car, it was a simple and easy task rinsing off. Thickness for me was around the 50% mark.


If you're looking for a snow foam that strips back to the bare bones, this would help.

Adding 100ml to 400ml of water though, is more than what I've tested with other strip back snow foams, so this is where it drops some points.

It's £8.95 on their website here, but make sure you're a member to this site as we have an exclusive 10% discount code :) Without the code it works out to £1.79 per wash, another brand one I tried however was 99p


Yep, you've guessed it, this is not pH neutral and will strip back waxes and maybe some other protection you have on the car. This did not strip back the glass protection I had on the car though, which was nice.


I have struggled coming up with an overall score with this product.

It done what it was supposed to do and strip the wax (the little I had on the car), it was easy to apply, rinse off and left the protection on the glass - which was nice. However the smell was rank and I used more product than others I have tried.

I debated this score for a while and currently its a...

I averaged the scores all together and it was 3.5. It lost a whole star because of the smell and 1/2 star because of the amount used.

Get It: 


Try It: The guys at Solution 61 are on to something here but sadly, with the amount used and the smell it dropped some points.

Avoid It:

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