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2020 has been a year of obscurity in many ways, but not from the cabin of my car as I have discovered some real gems in the world of glass care that have given me some clarity. I will take you through the best cleaners, hydrophobic cleaners, accessories, sealants and coatings I have tried, dishing out all sorts of accolades on the way to an ultimate winner. So slip on your best suit or gown, jump in a limo and walk the read carpet to join me for this round up of 2020 glass care.


The stand out and what has become my favourite for deep cleaning Glass has been the Pyramid Car Care Glass cleaner which is uniquely gel like in consistency which allows you to spread it evenly over the area and flip your towel to buff off. This extra thickness to the product gives you chance to feel like you’ve really worked it in and deep cleaned the area rather than just a quick wipe that flashes off instantly. This also has a great scent to it, brings orange Fanta to mind being sweet and fizzy. Don’t just take my word for it check out Mat on Detailing world trying out the Pyramid range and also noting how economical this glass cleaner is on this video-

At just £6.99 with free delivery and discount codes available, plus as Mat says you need half as much as you expect it becomes an amazing value and definitely my pick in the cleaner category.

Another stand out performance this year was Madcow Cuban glass cleaner scented with Rum and Coke gave a memorable experience. The smell was absolutely spot on and I have to admit I used this one around the house and the sweet aroma did linger for a little while too, on top of that it didn’t work bad either.

Other honourable mentions of glass cleaners is a late entry from Veis I have just tried and it’s a very strong glass cleaner that does a great job, I have also used this year Yum Glass, and EZ Clarity 2.0 are both very effective but without any stand out features.

While best dressed in the whole glass care section has to go to Stjärnagloss Glas that is a red carpet stunner with it’s beautiful classy branding that houses another very effective cleaner.

Hydrophobic cleaners-

For a quick clean of exterior glass also leaving a little hydrophobic protection is a huge bonus. It is from this category we also have our lifetime achievement award!

It has been around for ever and still does the job it is of course Rain X, the 2in1 glass cleaner + rain repellent in particular. Rain X being available in supermarkets and high street stores makes it like the Hoover of Vacuum cleaners or Transit of vans, being synonymous with hydrophobic glass care making this technology that us detailing enthusiasts love into the consciousness of the wider public as an introduction to the world water behaviour!

As iconic and easily available as the Rain X brand is, if you have a look around you will also find some other amazing products from detailing brands that offer longer protection at a more competitive price than the original. Two on my shelf that fit the bill are EZ Lotus and GO Glass both of these are a joy to use and slightly outperform Rain X in my opinion. If you are considering either of these check out the brands on social media first as there are often promotions that will get you an even better deal!


I have three sub categories for this section awarding a cloth, a tool and a screen wash!

The cloths are from GO coming neatly packed into a resealable pouch so they can be stored away from any contamination is a nice place to start. They are in the signature GO bright orange making the very distinctive and also a perfect streak free fish scale style cloth and bigger than most others I’ve seen so you can fold up and have plenty of fresh sides at your disposal. Can’t fault them and being 2 for £5 or 4 for £8 great value too.

The tool is a long reach windscreen cleaner from Halfords. Ive always hated cleaning the inside of a windscreen having to contort and dislocate into all kinds of shapes to try and reach all the way around so when I see this little beauty I had to give it a try. Telescopic handled for reaching into the furthest corners, a swivel head to keep contact with the glass without the need for any wrist gymnastics and interchangeable cleaning pads that are machine washable and spares readily available in store. It’s a simple little tool that makes life easier, you can’t ask for more than that!

Also as I have recently purchased AM details Hydrophobic Screen Wash this is still in the testing phase for me not yet forming a review but so far so good. It adds a boost of hydrophobic action as you wash on the go which could be an easy way for someone to get those effects or like me I see it as a topper for a sealant or coating. A lot of the time these sealants will loose some level of performance when dirty/clogged until you wash it again it’s performance is restored but in between washes when the effects start to fade to have a hydrophobic screen wash restoring your screen to maximise effects seems like a winner to me. I’m still testing this theory out but think I’m on to something so watch this space in 2021!


Earlier in the year I decided that I would like to go one step further than the hydrophobic cleaners into the sealant territory so reached for the Pyramid Car Care Glass Armour at the time I was blown away by the improvement in water beads flying off at low speeds and effectiveness lasting longer than the cleaners I had been used too as you can tell by one of my early reviews on this site-

Although for ultimate performance and durability it has now been superseded by a new product that I will introduce below it still has a place in my routine to get decent protection on in a fairly quick hassle free way, I’ve really enjoyed this product.

Like most award ceremonies this has started to drag on, I’m sure you can tell I’m quite passionate about having perfectly clear glass so thank you for sticking with me if you’ve made it this far and please trust I don’t say this lightly, it is time to reveal my glass care product of the year *drum roll*.............


This exciting new comer has exceeded my expectations in so many ways already. It is the new soon to be released Pyramid Car Care Glass Coating! I was lucky enough to get my hands on one from the test batch and I’ve noticed recently a few more people have pre-release bottles from last month’s ’MotorCrate’ too. The ease of application and performance are they key factors that make it head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.

Firstly don’t be scared by applying this coating, yes it is a full coating with claimed 1-2 years durability but you don’t need to be a qualified professional with a heat and humidity controlled, sanitised studio deploying infrared curing lamps to get this one applied. Just prepare the screen best you can ideally a clay and panel wipe then put a few drops on an applicator spread over half the windscreen then by the time you’ve put the lid on and folded a clean towel it’s ready to buff off! I have already posted an initial review on application here-

Since then it has continued to impress me with water flying off around 40mph and never needing to use wipers on duel carriage ways, also still blowing my mind is how much it self cleans. After a drive where muck builds up around the edges of the screen I often return to the car and if it has been raining this has completely gone. Also when driving county lanes and getting splattered with thick mud rather than smearing you can see the dirt encapsulated into the water beads and sheet off.

I could go on and on but also like most award shows I have a little voice in my ear saying to wrap it up so huge congratulations to all those mentioned especially Pyramid Car Care for featuring heavily within this years glass category and coming up with the new glass coating to be my ultimate glass care product and overall winner!

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