Glass Sealant and Hydrophobic Cleaner Comparison

EZ Lotus, Pyramid Glass Armour, Constellation Chemicals Moonlight, GO Glass.

If you want to get some hydrophobic action on your external glass without going to the extreme of a long term coating there is a huge range of hydrophobic cleaners and spray sealants available available. I have 2 hydrophobic cleaners and 2 sealants here that I’ve decided to put on my rear windscreen for comparison.

The cleaners-

I have EZ lotus and GO Glass on the far left and far right here. I see these as something you would use after most washes to give windows a final touch up and top up of protection. The down side of that being in bad conditions and if you haven’t washed for a few weeks you are likely to lose the effects on windscreen, as that takes the biggest hit from the elements.

The Sealants-

I have Pyramid Glass Armour and Constellation Chemicals Moonlight in this category. Offering longer lasting protection you would only use these every couple of months or so after deep cleaning the glass. I have applied these to each side of the centre to monitor performance.


The easiest was GO Glass you wouldn’t know you were applying protection at all with this it is a great streak free cleaner that almost flashes off as quick as you can buff it, I went over twice for this test just to ensure I had good coverage.

Next was the other cleaner EZ Lotus which was very much the same as above but took just fractionally more buffing.

The easiest of the sealants is hard to pick as they are slightly different, I’ll give it to constellation chemicals moonlight even though it asks for 5mins to cure so does take longer to apply, when I did return it felt very slick and no real residue to remove just a quick buff over.

Pyramid Glass Armour is by no means difficult to apply just spread it on and wait for about 1min and buff off, I put it just behind moonlight as there is some residue to buff here which mostly removes with one wipe and then flip towel for final buff.

To put scores by those I’ll have to give

GO 5

EZ 4

Constellation Chemicals 3

Pyramid 2


Normal list price per 500ml at time of writing are as follows-

EZ Lotus £10

Often in sale and currently £5 it is also available in larger sizes which are even more cost effective.

Pyramid Glass Armour £9.99

Currently on sale at £7.99 and even outside of sale discount codes available too. (Check this site discount page)

Constellation Chemicals £10

I actually have the sample size which they sell for just £2.50 and would be enough to do a few cars if you want to try it out.

GO Glass £7.95

The cheapest standard list price and available at good value in 5L for the professionals who want to use a lot of it. I actually have a 250ml which comes from a sample bundle they also sell if you want to try out a bit more of the range.

I could also take into account that the sealants will be used less often so are more cost effective in the long run depending on durability, but the hydrophobic cleaners are not priced much more than the normal glass cleaners from detailing companies so not unreasonable to use regularly, I’ve decided to just score on standard list price of 500ml.

GO 5

Pyramid 3

EZ 2

Constellation Chemicals 2

Water Behaviour-

The next day after application I decided to check out how the beading and sheeting is looking. As the first video below see that they all bead nicely and are impossible to separate-

The sheeting however there are some noticeable differences. See the first section I pass across is GO Glass which sheets very nicely and thoroughly but is a little slower that Constellation Chemicals in the next section which very impressively runs off as quick as it goes on. Then a surprise for me as I’ve not noticed it’s a slow sheeter when previously used is Pyramid. Then finally EZ Lotus is very close to GO but I think it is just a little patchier and slower. See if you can notice these subtle differences-

To score water behaviour I would mark them-

Constellation Chemicals 5

GO 4

EZ 3

Pyramid 2


As I have only just applied this week I will have to go on previous experience and manufactures claims here but will post updates in the next few weeks or months.

The longest claim is from Constellation Chemicals at 6-9 months which is very impressive if it can get near that, the other sealant from Pyramid I have used for a while and know I can get a few months out of it but not 6-9 so I’ll put that second for now and then the cleaners EZ I would say 2-4 weeks max from that on previous uses and can only assume GO as the other cleaner will be similar.

Constellation Chemicals 5

Pyramid 4

GO 1

EZ 1


Obviously the big question still to ask is real world durability on this test which I will have to keep an eye on in the coming weeks and post an update but from application, price, water behaviour and current score on durability the total scores are-

Constellation Chemicals 15

GO 15

Pyramid 11

EZ 10

There you have it then one sealant and one cleaner come out joint first from this scoring so depends on your preference but that could all change with durability updates we will have to wait and see! these are all great on side and rear glass but since having the full glass coating from pyramid on my windscreen I’m still very happy with that for my ultimate protection.

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