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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

I’ve got to be honest I’ve never had a car with a full leather interior so this is the first dedicated leather product I’ve ever purchased! Let’s see if it has any advantages over a weak APC solution or general interior products that I usually reach for.

The GO Leather+ is described as a dual action cleaner and conditioner that lifts dirt while replenishing natural oils. With directions as easy as spray on, spread, leave to dwell and wipe off, even a leather novice like me isn’t intimidated. They also note that for more ingrained dirt or stains the product can be applied and agitated with a brush before wiping clean.

Let’s talk smells, in the bottle I thought the product smelled quite woody but after application it faded and left the leather with a new leather scent. It’s satisfying to clean an item and not only have it look like new, but also smell like new. This is a massive bonus for me and a reason I would reach for this over general products in my collection.

I didn’t have any major ingrained dirt to deal with here so can’t give any heroic stories about cleaning power but the finish was great, an original satin like finish which was supple, and did I mention it smelled like new too?!

My main question before using this product then was will I notice any advantages over general interior products and the answer is a firm yes. For a leather beginner like me looking for a maintenance product it ticks all the boxes but if you have a deeper clean or restoration required then there are even more specialist products on the market as GMDetails expertly describes here-

GO Leather+ is priced at £9 for 500ml, to keep those surfaces you have most contact with feeling, smelling and looking great has got to be a winner! But you may be able to get a better deal so remember to check out the discount page and forum posts for current sales.

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