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Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Described as the ultimate single stage formula to enhance, rejuvenate and protect I was very keen to see what this could do.

For a while I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have a hand polish that was capable of some light correction while also masking swirls and giving a deep glossy finish without the white dusting and staining of plastic like the old classic Autoglym Super Resin Polish. I am aware that Meguiars 3in1 wax and Auto Finesse Tripple both offer a similar solution but when GO popped up with their fresh new branding I thought I’d give them a try.

First of all on receiving the package we all go straight in for a sniff but GO doesn’t seem to be that kind of brand with added scents, as they say ‘we keep it simple you make it shine’ which is a great tag line. So the smell was just pure product which is similar to super resin polish but not quite as strong.(I have since been informed there should be a slight coconut scent but I can pick up on this my end) The colour is white and the consistency nice and thick. I paired it up with a GO microfibre applicator pad which comes in their signature bold orange and in a smart re-sealable packet which will be handy to keep them clean and separate in future.

The car I used this on was our old ST because it needs more correction work but I haven’t yet got round to it. i just wanted to brighten it up a little and keep some protection on it. The current wax is about at the end of its time being on the car 3months. So I used GT decon as a foam to kill that right off before contact wash and as it has hardly moved since last waxing I didn’t feel any further decontamination was needed so it was ready for polish.

As instructed 3 or 4 blobs applied to my pad and I started working away in small overlapping circles. It spread nicely leaving much more of a clear wax like haze behind than pure polishes which tend to be white and chalky. With that in mind I purposely went over one of the black plastic washer jets to test how if it stained them. As it’s more of an all in one with wax I did leave a couple minutes for it to cure before buffing. It comes off nice and easy plus I am happy to report it buffed off the plastic with no signs of whitening which is a huge positive.

The finish was slick and glossy. I definitely feel the colour was richer for this, non metallic reds like this do respond great to any kind of polishing and carnauba wax so this product does seem perfect for this car. Also in the week since applying this we have had a lot of rain and the beading has been great. After the next wash I was planning to top up with a spray and rinse sealant or hybrid detailer but now I’m tempted to see how much durability I can get from a product labelled as a polish. That brings me on to my final point as it’s called Polish+ it did feel much more like a wax than I expected but when you look at the smaller print on the back it has seemed to mask some swirls and leave a great protected finish as promised. If your looking for a new AIO definitely consider this.

For £12 list price for 500ml it’s slightly cheaper than Auto Finesse Triple at £12.95 and they are both much cheap than the Meguiars 3-1 wax at £25 which is slightly less than 500ml but does come with an applicator.

But you may be able to get a better deal so remember to check out the discount page and forum posts for current sales.

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