After testing the tyre dressings recently GO show tyres came out on top so as I’ve just had four new tyres fitted it was what I reached for to give them a first good shine. Also by wining the test it earns a place in the review warriors champions!


It’s a gel product which is a perfect consistency to spread easily while being thick enough to not run off the applicator. I just used a slice of an old yellow sponge this time and it worked a treat 🧽. As always I clean the tyres first even though they where new, they where scrubbed clean and dried before working in the dressing to ensure I get the best out of it.


As I said in the tyre dressing test, the look of a tyre is very subjective some people like them glossy while some like them natural looking. Generally I like them to be dark but not too shiny. GO show tyres is described to give a show worthy shine and I have been pleasantly surprised that the finish was very dark and not as glossy or oily looking as the others I used in the comparison.

One week later-

After a week of driving in bad conditions and a quick wash GO was still my favourite looking being darkest and most natural at that stage.


GO was the best value by some margin with 500ml of show tyres just £7.95! Also a little blob does spread a long way so it’ll last you a while. They also do a 250ml sample bundle for £20 which is how I acquired the product as it includes this and some other essentials if your looking to try out more of the range. Be sure to follow @godetailinguk on Instagram for any latest offers or discount codes.


GO show tyres clearly won my previous tests to get this place in my winner’s circle! I just love the look it gives and it offers great value too. Don’t just take my word for it check out Specky Mcsporran getting to grips with the GO range including show tyres here-

My original test where this beat off YUM, Stjärnagloss and 26JPN is available here—ärnagloss-gummi-26jpn-hydro-tyre

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