GO Si02 Ceramic Wax and Ultra QD

After featuring in some testing I have done recently in head to head comparisons I found all the products involved had their own benefits and thought they deserved a post of their own. You can check out part 1 and two of me testing via these links-

GO Ceramic Range

GO’s main range of products are strikingly bold orange on black which are very eye catching, the ceramic range is themed white which is a great contrast to separate the Si02 products. The wax itself is the signature orange colour and it has a strong fruity scent which I believe is actually bubblegum. I get a second opinion on product smells from the wife and she says this has been her favourite out of everything I own so high praise there! Ultra QD also has the white ceramic range packaging that is growing on me but it would be an extra quality touch if the trigger was also white to match. It has plenty of product information on the label but this one is unscented with just the solvent kind of chemical smell. And all orders I’ve had have come with a sticker and a sweet which is a nice touch. The other items in the ceramic range I am yet to try are a sealant and shampoo so I suppose you could go for the sealant instead of wax if you prefer a spray application and the ceramic shampoo for maintenance washes after using wax or sealant has been applied.


GO Si02 Ceramic wax is a very firm wax which takes some rubbing to pick up on an applicator but when your pad is primed it does spread very nicely into a thin layer and a little goes a really long way. I gave it at least 5 minutes and I’m not sure if this was too soon, too long or it’s just how it is but it was a bit tough to remove, not a nightmare but I had to use a little more pressure than usual. Ultra QD is slightly different to the a normal QD as it says to mist on and spread then wait to haze and buff. A slightly slower application then but when it hazed it wiped of very easily and left a great finish slick and glossy. I’d say this leans more towards a light sealant than a traditional QD given the application method but those lines are so blurry these days and it does also say it can also be used as a light cleaner. The wax I also used on this white Evoque recently and will be following up with ultra QD on next wash-

Water behaviour

This Wax gives very nice uniform beading and sheets water well. When the Ultra QD is applied over the top it retains the same properties so ideal for keeping the protection topped up.


GO Si02 Ceramic Wax is great value at just £14.50 which is a bargain for a wax and because of its hardness I’d get at least 5 uses out of it making it just £3 per application if it lasts the claimed 12 months durability a real bargain for the yearly costs. GO Si02 Ceramic Ultra QD is the same price at £14.50, the normal QD they offer is cheaper. Apart from the wax which I think is very reasonable you will pay a premium for the ceramic range but I guess it has much more durability so justifies the price. I estimate around 20 applications from the 500ml bottle so if you’re using on one car once a month for example it should last almost 2 years!


GO offers great value and durability so if you just want to get out and wax once a year on a budget then keep it topped up with the associated detail spray this could be a great combination. As I mentioned earlier they also offer a ceramic sealant if you’d prefer a spray application over a traditional wax and an Si02 infused shampoo for maintenance. Also worth checking out the accessories on offer, any I’ve tried have come well packaged and really good quality.

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