GO Snow vs 26JPN Snow Foam The Snowfoam Cup Final 2020-2021

Welcome to the final of the snow foam cup. GO Snow and 26JPN have fought off all the competition to get here, remember we started off with this lot-

Now it’s time for one to enter the elite group of products in my winner’s circle from all of my testing to be the benchmark against any future purchases.

As in this whole tournament I will apply one to half a car rinse the lance out then apply the second to the other half while keeping a close eye on performance.


I have calculated cost based on price per 500ml of solution mixed at recommended dilution. I’ve chosen 500ml as half a lance full is usually more than enough to do a large car and a simple amount to dilute.

26JPN is highly concentrated and being available in a larger bottles can save you money-

Purchase price £10 for 500ml (£16 for 1L)

Dilution ratio 1:9

£1 per use! (80p from 1L bottle)

GO SNOW is available as 500ml or 5L so I will put the 5L cost in brackets below-

Purchase price £7.95 for 500ml bottle (£25 for 5L)

Dilution ratio 1:9

79p per use! (50p per use)

1-0 to GO from this category offering great value which has served it well in getting this far and on top of that standard price they do occasionally run promotional codes and it is available as part of bundles.

Dwell time

As I have said before personally I prefer it to stick and hang around as long as possible to soften any dirt below which will then come off when rinsed. While some other people may prefer it to slowly run off dragging dirt with it. Long dwelling foam is also great to layer over fallout remover on wheels or citrus pre wash products on the body work allowing them to work away for much longer so with that being my preference I’ll be scoring the longest dwelling as a winner of this category.

As this is the final I’ve decided to up the stakes and mix them both stronger (1:4) and go for a maximum hang time. So they were very thick on application as you can see here-

26JPN was by far the thicker and after 10 minutes this is how they looked-

GO had mostly ran off so I called that done there but 26JPN looks like it could go all day...

26JPN then gives the ultimate dwell time at this strong dilution, if you like them thick you’ll love this. 1-1

Cleaning power

I have no scientific way of quantifying this but I’ll take a swipe before and after using the snow foams with a cotton wool pad to compare how much grime they have shifted, I will do this in a similar position on each side of car and swipe the same length and pressure as identically as I can for a visual guide, also add my own opinion into the mix but there is so many variables this is no exact science. The car was very dirty this week as you can see from the before swabs which highlights further that both did a good job of removing an amount of the dirt before contact wash. I really can’t separate them as they done the job but there was still some dirt left on both so another point each here 2-2

Joy to use

This section considers how easy they rinse off, how satisfying the foam looks and any smells or other distinctive features that make them more pleasant to use. 26JPN then can give you that thick shaving cream style foam and a great Instagram photo, I do like the little pop cap on the bottle for easy squirting. It is however a fairly colourless and apparently Cherry but I found scentless liquid. GO Is red in the lance and scented with rhubarb and custard but the scent doesn’t transfer as you are using it so I’m going to have to edge this round to 26JPN as the most satisfying to use mostly for its extreme thickness. Making the final score 3-2 to 26JPN


Another close round then but we have a winner with solid performance throughout and even managed to pip the great value GO snow here in the Final my champion is 26JPN Snow Foam.

If you’ve enjoyed this at all don’t worry because it’s over, since starting this knockout I have actually picked up a couple more different snow foams to try so as my champion it will be 26JPN they have to live up to in future tests.

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