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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

One of those satisfying final touches, to restore plastic areas back to a natural finish, it makes such a difference to the overall appearance of a car. There are different types of trim dressings for certain applications so let’s see if this one can justify a place in the line up.

GO have a very extensive range of products which is impressive for a newly launched brand. I took advantage of a launch offer to try and fill some gaps in my collection, one of the products I went for was a sprayable plastic/rubber dressing.

Trim+ is described as a fast drying formula that leaves behind a deep protective layer resistant to dirt and dust, and gives the surface a satin finish. As mentioned in any GO product review I’ve seen the branding is excellent, bold and unique. The actual product is a thin white milky substance with no particular scent.

Before this I only had a few thicker gel and cream type trim products which are great applied with an applicator sponge for restoring really faded plastic and getting around windows etc where you want to control exactly where it is going avoiding smearing over glass or bodywork. Sometimes though you have a large area like a rubber mat, engine bay or lower interior parts around footwells where applying with a little sponge can be tedious and over spray isn’t such an issue. This is where Trim+ comes in. I spray it onto a microfibre and just swipe it over large areas, or even spray directly on to the plastic and buff off. It’s very easy to use and has instant results. They say you can allow to dry and apply more layers if you want a glossier finish but I tend to prefer the more satin, natural look. I was very happy with the results, especially on the engine bay, as it was so quick and easy to get a great transformation. It actually reminded me of Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care that I used to use years ago, and I know many people still swear by.

The Rubber mats I treated with the Trim+ 3 weeks ago have muddy boots on them every day and I have been very impressed with the durability, giving them a quick wipe down with an old rag once a week. I haven’t had to reapply yet they are still dark and new looking. The product definitely lives up to the claimed dirt and dust resistance.

I know some people will be thinking that CarPro PERL is all you need for trim as this gives great results, plus being a concentrated product which can be used sprayable when diluted 1:1 or more. This could offer you better value in the long run but it’s not a direct comparison to the Trim+ in that it’s not sold ready to go in a spray bottle, which could be a drawback for some consumers. I would say the CarPro PERL is more for the keen detailers and professionals amongst us who are going to be experimenting with dilutions and have spare spray bottles to mix in to.

I am happy with my purchase of Trim+ and it has a solid place in my line up now. It’s priced at £9 but currently available with 20% off and free delivery, with the code on our discount page makes it £7.20 for 500ml which seems great value to me. The above mentioned Autoglym Vinyl and Rubber Care is also discounted on Amazon at the moment to £7.70 for 500ml.

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