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Updated: Oct 27, 2020

So I won a bundle from @godetailinguk the rest of the other products will follow from another day...

Today I used the godetailing shampoo, at first look its got a really nice simple but effective packaging, I firstly smelt the product (we all do come on!) it smelt like a wham bar, ironically the sweet that I received also with the rest of the package. I put 20mls of product into a bucket of warm water and then put the jet wash into the bucket and made all the suds happen!! Loads of suds!

Once putting my hand in the bucket I noticed that this product has a lot of lubricity by just having the suds on my hands. Once I put the wash mitt on the panel the mitt glided across each panel with ease. The cleaning power is also amazing!!

I also Put this product into my wheel bucket and i noticed it had amazing cleaning power on the wheels to.

Over all thought - amazing smell, very slick and amazing cleaning power!

I do recommend this product, go try this product!

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