GYEON Q²M WetCoat Review: Better Than a Wax?

I'm a big fan of spray and rinse sealants because they offer a super fast way of protecting the paintwork, which is especially useful during winter if your car's protection needs a top up. Gyeon Q²M WetCoat is one of the most widely known spray and rinse type products, so here's my take on it after going through a bottle and a half of the stuff.


One of the best things about this product is that you can use it on all exterior surfaces. This includes the paint, alloys, glass and plastics and it'll leave a strong hydrophobic finish on all of them. You can use this product on it's own, but personally I think it's best used as a topper. It's mainly built to maintain ceramic coatings but works well on waxes and sealants too from my experience.


So probably one of the first things that should be addressed with this product, is the application method. The instructions on the bottle say to simply spray the product onto a clean, wet panel and rinse off with pressure immediately.

I think that this method works well, but I prefer to use a clean microfiber wash mitt to spread the product. I find that this offers more even coverage, better durability and reduces the risk of product spots on the paintwork when sprayed.

I have a quick video where I talk about this application method on my YouTube channel so take a look if you want to see it in action.

Whichever method you choose, there are a few rules to keep in mind:

  1. Never apply it in direct sunlight or a hot/ warm panel.

  2. Use the product sparingly, one or two sprays per panel is fine.

  3. Rinse the product immediately after application, do not leave it on the surface.

  4. Apply it to one panel at a time then rinse, don't apply it to the whole car and then rinse it all off at the end.

  5. Make sure the panel is wet before applying.

The reason for these rules, is to prevent spots of product being left on the surface which are difficult to remove, especially if left on there for really any amount of time. I think the application method is very quick and straightforward, however there is the potential for it to be problematic if you don't follow the instructions above.

Overall Finish

I'd say that the gloss and slickness that this product leaves are fairly average. The car did look nice after application, however it wasn't really anything special. It's worth noting that I rarely notice a massive increase in gloss after using any kind of paint protection product. I think the gloss level comes mostly from the paint condition, rather than what you put on top.


The water repellency of this product is pretty decent. I'd be lying if I said it absolutely blew me away, when compared to more heavy duty sealants, but it's pretty impressive considering the time it takes for it to be applied. Have a look at my YouTube review to see the water behaviour in action.


GYEON claim that this product provides protection for 12 weeks, however I noticed a significant decline in the water repellency after a month or so. It probably still is on the paintwork at this point, but for me it needs topping up monthly to maintain the level of performance that I'm after. I do use an alkaline snow foam to pre-wash the car though, which definitely will be degrading the protection a bit faster, so you may find better durability if you use a pH neutral pre-wash product.


You can pick up a 500ml bottle of this stuff for the pretty low price of £11.50 from most distributers. Considering you only need a couple of sprays per panel, I'd say that this offers excellent value for money. You can also pick up a 1 litre version for £18 which is even more reasonable.

Overall Thoughts

I really like the ease and speed of application with this product and I think this is the stand-out feature. I think you'll get better gloss, durability and water repellency with other types of paint protection, but it's perfect if you're in a rush.

I like to use it on my friend's and family's cars if I give them a wash and don't have time to apply a proper sealant or wax. I also still use it on some areas of my car when the protection needs topping up and I'm being lazy. I like using it on the alloys, and the front of the car as it protects the grille, registration plate and also the headlights, all in one go.

If you want to hear some more about the product, then take a look at my YouTube review of GYEON Q²M WetCoat.

Thanks for reading!

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