Infinity Wax Tyre Coat

After many years of using the same tyre products the time came to try something new. The main aim is to find something that gives a good finish, more matte than wet look and lasts without sling. The wheels and tires were cleaned fully, included all rubber being scrubbed to try to get the best base surface possible.

I however started with a schoolboy error. Having mainly using tyre gels in the past, and with no trigger spray being provided by the supplier, I attempted to pour this onto my foam applicator- big mistake. As this is a coating, it is very fluid and I struggled to pour it, resulting in a little product spillage! However, once I found a spare trigger life became easier. Following the instructions of using a microfibre pad, the first coating went on.

This resulted is a pleasant sheen, but did take a little wiping with a microfibre to remove some excess. This is to give the more matte finish I wanted. Leaving to cure without wiping will leave a glossier shine if required.

This left the tyre with a nice matte look, with enough of a wet look as needed. I did apply a second coat once they had dried, which gave an even better outcome.

However, even after some quite hard application, the product did not seem to take well around any raised lettering on the tyre. One final application to these areas dealt with this promptly.

Having not driven the car since application , I will update this with regards to sling and longevity later this week. This product is designed to bond to the rubber not just dress it, so hopefully we will see this lasting.

All in all (school boy errors aside) an easy to use product giving tyres a clean but dressed look, without that shiny greasy wet look. A quality product.

This was purchased from IODETAIL for £9.99

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