Is Your Car A Pigsty? Will This Help?

We take a look at the Polish Pigs Interior Cleaner, how will this perform?

What do Polished Pigs say about Interior Cleaner?

Polished Pigs Interior Cleaner is a great all round product.

Use it to clean fabric, upholstery, carpets, plastic and vinyl.

Dilute-able up to 1:10 for use in a spray bottle or as little as 1:100 in a carpet cleaner.

Interior Cleaner is very versatile. It is suitable for cleaning fabric, upholstery, plastic and vinyl cloth. It’s great for removing stains, built-up grease or general dirt and mud from everyday use. Use it neat for any heavy soiling and stains or dilute it up to 1:10 to make it go that extra further.  Even more, you can use it in a carpet cleaner at 1:100 to effectively clean fabric.

The Review


This bottle looks like a lot of others on the market but the logo design in top notch. I love the pig and and the colour of the liquid.

I bought the sample range and you get 150ml, which is good. Love the bottle design too for the samples.


Spraying on an average dirty dash, gear change area and seats, the sample trigger spray released the product nicely. I liked the fact that the product is pink and you can see where you have sprayed it and where you need to rub the product in more.

I used a microfibre towel to rub in the product until it had all disappeared. What was left was a satin finish but I couldn't nail what the smell was. The seat cleaned okay, still a little bit of a stain left.

There seems like there's no antistatic properties to this product as the dust that remained in the car, was clinging back to the dash.


I've given this a 3 as I cannot get the idea of the smell. I'm sure if someone tells me what it is, I'd be like "Ah yeah!". Currently I smell some form of a fragrance but then a smell of chemicals. If anyone knows, comment pleae


Very easy to use.

1. Shake product well.

2. Dilute if required, for tough stains use neat.

3. Spray onto affected area and agitate with an upholstery brush.

4. Use a damp microfibre to remove product and allow to dry.



Everyone needs to keep their interior nice and clean. Intial thoughts is this whilst this cleaned okay, the smell was a bit of a let down.

Price - 500ml - £10.99 (08/06/2020)

Slightly, just slight a little more than the average price for an interior cleaner


Overall - 3 1/2 stars - give it a go, it might be for you. Personally I feel that the lack on antistatic properties and the smell may be a little off putting, there are better smelling interior products on the market. It removed the stains well but after being a matt finish for around 30 seconds, the dust started to stick back on.

Personally not my cup of tea. Didn't perform well in our dashboard test as others. For us, we wouldn't purchase this again. As a carpet and seat cleaner, it was average and cleaned okay.

Get It:


Try It: Not for us, but might be your thing!

Avoid It:

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