Karcher VP 180 S

Alternative to a stubby gun or a waste of time?

So everyone with a Karcher knows the standard gun is quite chunky and only comes with a longish lance attachment. Many people swap these for a stubby gun with quick release connections, swivel couplings and flexi hoses which is no doubt by far the best set up but it ends up being very costly to switch everything over.

So when I recently stumbled across this little gadget I thought it might help make the standard equipment a little more manoeuvrable and flexible. It’s called the ‘VP 180 S’ an official karcher accessory that allows you to attach straight onto the gun without a long lance, while retaining variable pressure function and with the addition off being able to fully swivel.

No set up required just push and twist as all karcher attachments. I set it straight to full power and gave it a blast! Twisting it upwards and to the side to get below the side skirts and around the inner arches I was very impressed. Also for general use across the rest of the car the spray pattern seems flatter and wider than the longer lance which is great for rinsing off foam or suds.

Eventually if I need a new foam lance I’ll probably upgrade to the stubby style and quick release attachments but for now this is a little more flexible and I’m happy with this half way house.

I purchased mine from amazon at around £24 but the prices do seem to fluctuate so have a search around and see if you can beat it!

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