Leather Repair Company | Cleaner, Protection Cream, Dye Stopper, Air Freshener

The Leather Repair Company kindly sent these four products for me to try a few weeks ago (thank you very much to Graeme aka GM Details, as well for making it happen).

- LRC1 Leather Cleaner

- LRC4 Leather Protection Cream

- LRC44 Dye Stopper Spray Coating

- LRC10 Leather Air Freshener

I've uploaded a review to my YouTube channel and put it at the bottom of this article, but here's a quick overview of my thoughts.

LRC1 Leather Cleaner

This is sprayable cleaner that does a great job at bring the leather back up to scratch, removing any oils or dirt on the surface. I haven't tried it on anything too challenging, but it worked really well to achieve a completely clean surface.

The two stand-out features of this product for me were:

- That it left no stickiness behind whatsoever, so there was no need to go back in with a damp microfiber and remove any remaining residue.

- The noticeable leather scent really added to the overall experience of using the product.

LRC4 Leather Protection Cream

This offers protection against dirt, oils, spillages, sweat, dye transfer and friction to help maintain the leather and keep it looking as new as possible. You simply apply it in a thin layer, leave it to dry and buff it off. The product is incredibly easy to use and again has that lovely leather scent to it.

The finish it leaves is completely matte and natural, and it doesn't add anything to the look of the leather. For me, this is exactly what I'm looking for as it helps to keep the interior looking as new as possible.

LRC44 Dye Stopper

This adds some extra protection to prevent against dye transfer that can often be caused by wearing jeans. This is really beneficial for lighter coloured leather seats where it is of course going to be more noticeable, but there's a definite advantage of using it on any colour of leather. Just because you can't see the dye transfer, doesn't mean it's not there! So this extra protection is great for car owners who want to maintain the factory finish of their leather seats.

LRC10 Leather Air Freshener

This is a pretty strong sprayable air freshener which left a noticeable scent for at least 5 days, after only using two sprays on the passenger side mat. It adds really nice finishing touch after doing a deep clean and protection of the leather.

If you want to see these products in action, then check out my video review below!

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