Leather Repair Company Cleaner & Protection Cream (New Formula)

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Let’s start with dispelling some myths of automotive leather , some car interior leather is synthetic, some are pigmented (painted) and some high end cars have Aniline leather.

in general automotive leather is a low grade piece of leather, topped with a PU embossed layer and clear coated on top to make it durable as it’s got to put up with years and years of bums sliding in and out of the seats.

One of the biggest arguments around care of modern automotive leather is that you shouldn’t use a leather cleaner as it’s not leather you are cleaning. It’s the coating on top you are cleaning so using some of the harshest chemicals is fine 🤦🏻‍♂️ NOT TRUE!! Why would you chose to always reach for the harshest chemical to clean your car?, you wouldn’t ! so doing the same with your seats doesn’t make sense, harsh chemicals can dry out the leather‘s top coat and promote dryness and cracking leading to premature wear and tear.

so what can you use?, well The Leather Repair Company has just improved the formula for their world best seller cleaner!, The best, just got BETTER!!

It foams as you clean now , allowing the grime to be encapsulated in the foam keeping it away from the surface to allow the boosted cleaner to work even better than before. As seen here 👇

The cleaner is called LRC1 , it’s a natural based ph balanced cleaner in a liquid form, with the natural aroma of a tannery, it will leave your interior smelling of luxury leather and when you remove the foam with a terry cloth, you‘ll be amazed at how dirty your leather actually is!, and if you have synthetic or pigmented leather. It will work equally well.

The Protection cream (LRC4) is a very nice product to use. Applied using an applicator pad it not only softens the leather it will lay down protection against stains and spills from food and drink, ink and grime. Best of all after application it doesn’t even have to be removed, saves on the old buffing action.

Both cleaner & Protection Cream go hand in hand together and will be well worth the effort to help prevent wear and tear scuffs and abrasions, not to mention stains.

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