Maintenance Wheel Cleaning Test. Garage Therapy /one wheel shampoo vs Yum Wheels


There are so many options for wheel cleaners on the market and plenty of different methods to apply them. To find out which works best for my weekly wash I’ve decided to put what I believe to be the best wheel shampoo up against the best all in one wheel cleaner.

The competitors-

The chosen wheel shampoo is from Garage Therapy. Some people are dubious about wheel shampoo and just use a normal car shampoo but they clearly haven’t tried this. While a normal shampoo may lubricate your brushes it will not tackle grime and break down dirt anything like this product. It can be used in your bucket to soak your brushes and mitt, in a pump foamer to apply directly to the wheel or even mixed into a spray bottle which is my personal preference.

Yum Wheels is a ready to use spray on wheel cleaner that contains fall out remover. It’s a thick gel that clings on to the wheel for a long time and foams up on contact, lubricating the brushes as you clean and giving some satisfying pink suds.

Ease of use-

As mentioned above the Garage Therapy wheel shampoo can be used in a bucket, foamer or sprayer. For a normal wash 10ml into the foamer topped up with 500ml water is enough and then a further 5ml into wheel bucket to soak your brushes.

Yum Wheels is ready to go, just spray on to the wheel, let it dwell, scrub and rinse off. You could do this with just a barrel and face brush without a bucket by rinsing the brushes with a pressure washer, so a very quick method. You could use the Garage Therapy shampoo in a similar way but you will have to dilute it out into a bottle first, so Yum wheel is the quicker and easier to use. 0-1

The Test

For testing I used GT in a foamer 25ml to 1L of water vs Yum neat and sprayed on.

First I thoroughly pre rinsed both wheels and took a swipe of a spoke to see how much dirt we are dealing with. Both were filthy as you can see-

Garage Therapy side-

Yum side-

Then I tested them as a contactless wash by spraying on and leaving to dwell for around five minutes before rinsing off. Here are the swipes after that-

Garage Therapy-


Surprisingly Garage Therapy wheel shampoo did slightly better here, showing a little less dirt on the pad after a swipe test. It would be able to dwell much longer before drying out too, so I have to give that the win in this round, making the score 1-1

After contact washing both wheels were spotless so no further marks to give here.


Garage Therapy is £10 for 500ml. For a normal weekly wash 15ml in the foamer and 5ml in the bucket seems to be sufficient, making it just 30p per wash! Even if you say ‘but hang on it’s not got any fallout remover’ then ok for every few washes use it over a fallout remover too. My current go to fallout remover is from Pyramid at £7.99 so if you use 40ml of that it’s 64p per wash so spray that on first then with shampoo over the top for a deeper clean occasionally and it’s still less than £1 per wash!

Yum is slightly easier to calculate here as it is £15.95 for 500ml. On using this a few times I average 40ml to do a full car making it £1.28 per wash. At the time of writing this they have a Black Friday sale going and it is a much more reasonable £9.57 which makes it 76p per wash!

Garage Therapy wins it for this one, making the score 2-1


Garage Therapy /one wheel shampoo wins on cost and cleaning power, but is also more versatile in my opinion. So it takes a place in my champions line up alongside their /one car shampoo which won my previous slickness test.

Yum Wheels is still a good wheel cleaner though and I wouldn’t consider throwing it out. It is expensive (less so at the moment) and because on those really cold winter days when you just want to get it done quick and get back indoors I will still reach for this first for a quick spray, scrub and rinse. It’s up there with many others I’ve tried. If you do prefer this method then Bilt Hamber may have more cleaning power and Meguiars All Wheels also performs well, but neither foam up offering lubricating suds like Yum Wheels.

You can see full video of my testing here:

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