Meguires Ultimate Compound

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Looking to make your first step into correction? Look no further than Meguiars Ultimate Compound! Don’t be scared off by the term compound, I believe by traditional terminology this lightly abrasive Meguiars compound should really be labelled as a polish and the ultimate polish they offer a glaze but let’s not get too bogged down in that.

What this product claims-

‘To quickly remove stubborn oxidation, stains, bird dropping blemishes and other sub-surface defects while polishing the surface to a mirror finish. Unlike traditional rubbing and polishing compounds that scour the surface, the new clear coat safe micro-abrasives produce an amazingly clear finish that is free from scratches, hazing and swirls. Can be worked by hand or with a DA polisher, Ultimate Compound is perfect to prepare your paint’s surface for your favourite wax.’

What I have found-

I have used this for a couple of years now and I still reach for it as my go to correction, in fact I’ll soon be needing another bottle. The results are exactly as they claim, used with a DA polisher on a soft pad it removes light scratches and swirls while also being delicate enough to leave a haze free finish. I really don’t think there is a need for the ultimate polish to follow this as the finish is so good and it’s fine to go straight to wax or sealant. An added bonus I’ve found with this product is that it does not dust up white or stain plastics.

Is it worth it?

Absolutely! The Meguiars Ultimate Compound has a list price of £16 for 450ml but with a quick search I found this available for as little as £12. I would highly recommend as a safe, solid option if you are making your way in to machine polishing.

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