MTS Snow Foam Review

So... I finally managed to clean one of the cars at the weekend and busted out a snow foam I hadn’t tried before. I posted a story on Instagram but no one guess right. The snow foam in question is from @mtsproducts!

The guys there kindly sent me a whole bunch of products but this has not swindled my opinion of the product. The pictures speak for them self.

This car was filthy, with tried on mud and other 💩. Due to the amount of crud, I did apply a citrus cleaner before applying the snow foam as the car was terrible.

When I unscrewed the lid, as normal, I took a whiff. I got a strong smell of chemical which was a bit of a let down.

For this one used the @alienmagiccarcare Snow Foam lance, which is good and well made. I diluted 1:12 which is good for such a powerful cleaning product. Attached it to my @directhoses AB9 and The snow foam streamed out the lance at ease and clung to the crap immediately.

Application video:

Dwelling Videos:

There was no scent from the foam when in the car. As you can see though, this is a mud killer and cleans fabulously. I was so impressed. I only let the foam sit for 5 minutes but it cleaned well and rinsed off easily.

Rinse Off Video:

This was my first time trying an MTS product and I hope the rest are like this that I have.


The results, cost of 500ml at £8.00, the amount used and the easy pour spout make this snow foam a great product. I was truly impressed with this and I’m sure you will be. I’m waiting to see if this is wax safe, so I’ll let you know. I score my products on my different parts and the only thing that let it down was the smell.

I might be being harsh but a solid ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 stars. I have tried good snow foams that smell better and cleaned well too. A great start from MTS.

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