OIA Bubblegum Blitz

Updated: Feb 8

This shampoo was purchased and the review is entirely my own.

From the outside bottle is colourful and almost fun to look at. It has a screw lid which needs to be depressed to be able to open it. This is great if you have children or if it is being carried around a lot as it is sure not to leak.

It’s a gloss enhancing shampoo with a bubblegum scent.

30ml into the bucket and you are hit with the most delicious bubblegum smell. It foams up incredibly well and feels silky between your fingers.

It flows nicely over the paintwork, being so sudsy I managed to cover the entire car before rinsing off. Although some parts had started to begin to dry it all rinsed off quickly and easily and left no marks...

It was an easy shampoo to use and did leave the paintwork clean and bright.

In summary - a good shampoo, it doesn’t stick in anyway but I have used shampoos that felt more lubricated. The lid whilst very functional a flip top or similar would make it more user friendly.

A good solid 7/10 and something I would happily use again.

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