Polished Pigs Snow Foam Review

I first want to start off the review by saying thanks to @weekendwarriorreviews for sending this to try! Here's my thoughts on the products in terms of the cleaning power, foam thickness, dwell time and cost.

Cleaning Ability

This is usually the biggest factor I consider when judging a snow foam. There's no denying that snow foams look cool, but at the end of the day, if they don't clean, then they're a waste of time.

I was a bit nervous trying this one because it is a pH neutral snow foam, and I tend to prefer alkaline snow foams that have a bit more bite. However, for a pH neutral foam, it actually did a decent job of cleaning. Granted, the car wasn't filthy, but it was definitely in need of a pre-wash and this brought it up to scratch ready for the contact wash without any help from a citrus pre-wash spray as well.

However, I wouldn't use this on anything that was really dirty without using a citrus pre-wash first, and I'd probably still reach for something with a bit more kick. But for weekly cleans on well protected vehicles, it does the job.

Dilution Ratio

The instructions say to use about 25ml to 1 litre of water in the lance, which sounds incredibly impressive, however I think it needs a bit more to get a decent level of thickness and cleaning power. I used 50ml in 1 litre and thought this was about right. It's still pretty dilute though, making it quite economical at a 1:20 ratio in the lance.

Foam Thickness and Dwell Time

This sits somewhere in the middle in terms of foam thickness and dwell time. It didn't coat the car in a super thick blanket of foam, but it wasn't as thin as something like Bilt Hamber Auto Foam. This meant it had a decent dwell time and stayed around for about 5 minutes before I felt like it was time to give it a rinse.

Here's what it looked like after around 2 minutes.

Cost Per Wash

So I used 50ml in a 1 litre lance, however I only need about 500ml in the bottle to cover the car. At 25ml per wash, here's how much it costs (this is based on the full price, and not any of the deals available at the time of writing this review).

- If you purchase the 1 litre option for £13.49 it equals 34p/wash

- If you purchase the 5 litre option for £35 it equals 18p/wash

It's a pretty cheap snow foam especially if you take the plunge and go for the 5 litre option. They also have a 150ml sample size bottle that costs £3.95 which should give you roughly 6 washes.

Overall Thoughts

I think this is a good snow foam in terms of dilution ratio and cost per wash, however I'd like it if the foam was just a touch thicker to give it a longer dwell time which I feel is a bit more important for a pH neutral snow foam. It's not converted me away from alkaline snow foams, but if you are looking for something a bit more gentle to deal with well-maintained cars then it's a solid option.

Thanks for reading!

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