Polymeric Ceramic sealant

Refulgence is a water based polymeric (in-organic & organic) ceramic spray sealant providing some excellent protection for all painted surfaces with a ultra slick feel and very hydrophobic & hydrophilic water behaviour.

What you need to know is the prep work clear coat or single stage paint has to be decontaminated before application and then for best results machine polished or at least hand polished and if you are polishing then IPA in between sets this is key for the bonding process for Refulgence to bond correctly for the 10 months durability claims, application is simple microfibre pad damp and a microfibre cloth damp followed by a dry MF for the finish this may sound tricky but it has to be one of most easily applied sealants I’ve applied and with real GLOSS to prove it here are some shots and a full review link via the YouTube channel remember this is BANG FOR YOUR BUCK.


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