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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

If you have happened to stumble across one of my recent reviews on YouTube you will notice that I was using a snow foam from Infinity Wax called Power Foam. I have been testing this foam out for most of lockdown and it has been used on a variety of different cars, some with protection and some that you couldn’t even tell the colour of the car, read on to see how I got on.

Cleaning Power V The Gram

When it comes to a snow foam you have to ask yourself what is more important to you, cleaning power or that shot for the gram to get those likes??? Well for me personally its cleaning power, howeeeeeever I know that’s not the case for everyone so let me tell you this………….. Power Foam does both! Yes, that’s right both! The cleaning power is excellent and as long as you have a decent pressure washer and snow foam lance you can cover your car in shaving foam.

Mixing it Up

So on the bottle Infinity Wax provide 2 mix ratio recommendations 50:1 and 10:1, let me put that into context for you.

Based on a full lance 1000ml;

50:1 = 20ml product to 980ml water

10:1 = 91ml product to 909ml water

So what do you get out of these ratio’s? for 50:1 I found on a somewhat protected car (sealant & Detail spray) after 2 weeks of road grime. Not much, there is some aspect of cleaning there but if you are using this dilution you will have to rely mostly on your contact wash. 10:1 on the other hand brings power foam upto a whole new level and certainly done the job on the dirtiest of cars. Now for me there is a ratio that is missing on the bottle and that’s 20:1 which is 48ml of product to 952ml of water, I found that for a wash every second week with moderate traffic film this was the best solution.

Hanging Around

Power Foam can be as thick or thin as you want it but for talking sake let’s say you go with the 20:1 ratio I mention above. On a day of overcast your dwell time will easily exceed 15 minutes, giving ample time to get into every little crevice with your detailing brush and have a cuppa. Does the Power Foam need the 15 minutes to work? No, anything between 5-10 minutes is normally good enough to get the job its designed to do done.

10:1 20:1 50:1

Bang for your buck?

So, let’s talk about the impact on your wallet/purse, 500ml will set you back £8.99 and let’s base it on the 20:1 ratio I mentioned and lets also be realistic regarding how much product you use for a normal wash. I use half the capacity of the snow foam lance (500ml) every wash so that works out at 24ml product to 476ml water. So out of your 500ml bottle you will get 20 washes which comes in at 45p per wash. If you opt for the 5L bottle (£32.99) that’s 208 washes bringing the cost down to 16p per wash, pretty good eh??

Added Extras

This snow foam has built in corrosion inhibitors meaning it wont cause any bare metal on your car to get the rusty look (brake disks). It also leans more on the alkaline side so be cautious on the ratios you use, the stronger the mixture the more effect it will have on your LSP, in my testing I found that 10:1 ratios had no effect on LSP.

Overall Thoughts

For me Power Foam is an excellent product and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, the one and only negative point for me is that I had to upgrade the orifice in my snow foam lance to the 1.1mm from the 1.4mm as the foam it was producing was not as thick as it should have been to get optimal dwell time. If you want to see the foam in action have a look at my video review here

Thanks for reading.

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