Pre-wash Showdown Stjärnagloss Först vs Pyramid Citrus

I have picked these two because Först has been getting a lot of attention lately and while I agree it’s a very effective prewash I believe there is another ready to use citrus product that is actually as good or better so let’s find out.

The most important thing for a prewash to do is have great cleaning power to lift as much dirt as possible before the contact wash. To test this cleaning power I am going to use them both down one side of the car splitting the front and back door in half giving Först the front of the front door and the back of the back door, then use Pyramid on the area in between. I will use the same amount of sprays and leave them both to dwell for as long as the conditions allow without drying out then rinse off and see if we can pick a winner by taking some swipe test to see what dirt remains. I also did a swipe on the wheel after prewash with each too and here are the results-

So pyramid clearly left a cleaner panel and takes the win, there wasn’t much difference on the wheels.

Pyramid is a noticeably thicker foamier solution that is able to dwell longer and also performed better than Först as a tyre cleaner in a previous test I conducted that you can read here-ärnagloss-först-and-pyramid

So I’ve demonstrated them both as prewash and tyre cleaners how about as wheel cleaner. After using as prewash over the wheels and arches let’s now see how they perform as wheel cleaners. They both foamed up nicely when agitated with the brushes and done a very good job, I’m a strong believer in not using fallout remover or even powerful wheel cleaners on regularly maintained wheels so as well as the wheel shampoos I usually use these citrus products are another good option.

They both have a similar smell which I can only describe as citrusy, I’m not sure if it’s added or natural with these type of products but makes them equally pleasant to use. Cost wise it’s hard to compare because Pyramid is only listed in 500ml for £6.99 and 5L available to trade customers while Stjärnagloss is £9 for a litre and £30 for 5L. Obviously there are other prewash products that are highly dilutable and offer greater value but for a weekend warrior who just wants to grab a bottle and know it’s strong, safe and ready to go for occasional use these ready to use products do have a place. For those just cleaning one or two cars and keeping a minimal range of products these can also be your APC as they are great on engine bays, really mucky door sills, fuel flap, window rubbers, around badges and basically anywhere you are looking for some extra cleaning power.

In summary what seems to be the current people’s champion online the Stjärnagloss Först is a great product but Pyramid Citrus I find has the edge on cleaning power which is why it’s one of my favourites.

The full video review of this is on YouTube, to see that or my other social media content and product discounts it can all be found here-

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