Products of the Year 2020 - Wheels & Tyres

As we come to the end of the year, some of us at TRW, have selected a category and then products which win the category.

The category I have chosen is wheels and tyres.

So why did I choose wheels and tyres? Simple answer really. Three products I’ve used this year, have left me saying “Wow!” and I felt they needed an honourable mention and win this category.


This is an easy one for me. Garage Therapy One/Wheel shampoo is an excellent wheel shampoo. Some people are still dubious about using a wheel shampoo and to be honest, I used to be - until I used this.

Everything about this wheel shampoo is great. The lubricants is the key factor of this wheel shampoo, every time I use this shampoo, it feels like the first time I’m using it, as I’m always impressed.

The suds are fantastic too, which transfers well to the wheel. Leaving me with the assurance that the suds and lubricants are going to safely clean the wheel.

The smell is pleasant, but nothing major when using.

A fantastic wheel shampoo and a rightly deserved winner.

Iron Fallout: I’ve used many this year but this years winner is

Alien Magic Halloween Iron Fallout Remover.

The full review is here

Tyre & Tyre Dressing: Tyre:

This goes to Garage Therapy Zero/Decon shampoo. This very versatile product is superb and cleans the tyre extremely well. Funny thing is, I never bought this product to to clean the tyres but after speaking to Mas, I’m so glad I bought Zero. Great product.

Tyre Dressing:

This goes to a fairly new product from Constellation Chemicals.

Congratulations to Constellation Chemicals Aurora.

This is a very easy to use tyre gel, which has amazing results that shine for ages. A used a very small amount and only gave this a single coat.

I seriously have no hesitation recommending these products for those looking for a deep, thorough clean and then finishing off the tyres to a nice shine.

Congrats to the winners of 2020.

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