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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

I find having a protected windscreen vital this time of year for visibility, its like buying the HD channel on a rainy day and cringe when I see people with there wipers going full pelt streaking everywhere. Having only used hydrophobic glass cleaners before I was keen to see if this dedicated protection product offered greater performance.

As with all protection products I think preparation is key to get the most out of them so once your screen is clean and clear from any contaminates by using a normal glass cleaner and maybe even clay bar if it feels rough at all its ready to apply.

I've been using Glass Armour by priming a microfiber pad with a couple of sprays and then one big spray across half of the windscreen to be spread evenly in a cross hatch pattern. while this is curing id go to the other side and repeat. then back to the first side to buff off with a clean short pile microfiber towel before going back around to the second and its done. although if I have the time I would repeat this once more, this might not be needed but 2 coats is better than one right?

I have found the results from this a noticeable step up from the couple of different hydrophobic glass cleaners that I normally use with the water beading off at lower speeds reducing need for windscreen wipers in most cases. even if you do need the wipers it clears much easier and streak free increasing visibility massively.

The other big difference from the cleaner types is durability. they would only last a couple of weeks max but the two coats of this has done me for nearly 2 months now, the effects have faded slightly now so I may top up with one of my old cleaners and see how that goes next wash before reapplying.

List price £9.99 with code 'GillyWash' you can get this for just £7.99 with free delivery! which makes it the same price as Rain-X rain repellant glass cleaner from amazon but if your willing to put that little extra effort in to the prep and application Pyramid Glass Armour beats it hands down.

To try it for yourself head over to...

If your not sure about application or have any questions message me on Instagram @gilly_wash

“GillyWash” provides 15% off at Individual use only: not valid in conjunction with any other code, coupon, voucher, discount or gift. Excludes sale items. Not valid for trade accounts. The coupon code may be used once per customer. Pyramid Car Care Ltd reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this coupon code at any point.

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