Pyramid Car Care Alloy Armour

Now alloys! I know most people will say ceramic coat them or don't bother, but could this be a viable half way house? here is why I think it is....

Doing around 1000 miles a week as you can imagine they get pretty nasty so anything to help keep them clean is a bonus for me. I have used alloy armour both with wheels off the car after a very deep clean and just on faces and spokes after a normal wash too.

The application is an absolute breeze just a quick spray on to clean dry wheel and buff off! Nice and shiny finish but also noticeably slicker which I always feel like is the most important thing to keep dirt from sticking anywhere. Also very small tight water beads form on wheels when wet indicating that if water cant stick then dirt shouldn't either.

Durability is hard to measure, I've probably being seeing about a month of noticeable protection, bare in mind my wheels get abused so much and I've been trying all sorts of strong wheel cleaners lately. this doesn't mean I've been disappointed though...

This is where I see a place for this product, don't expect it to last like a ceramic coating because it wont but think of it more like a detailer with protection that you'd use to top up your base protection or give a stand alone but short term layer that's easy to apply after every few washes. Its found a place in my routine!

With a list price of £8.99 you can get it for just £7.19 with code 'GillyWash' and free delivery!

I don't work for pyramid btw just an impressed customer who was introduced to the brand by Detailing World and went on to try for myself, after posting a few things on Instagram about my positive experience the guys offered me a promo code so I'm just spreading the word as I think more people will be impressed with quality and value so at these prices why not try for yourself-

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