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News - Pyramid Car Care and Detail Thugga team up to clean up a Hyundai i30N

Throughout August 2020, Pyramid Car Care and Detail Thugga teamed up and collaborated on a social media giveaway, that generated 25,000 impressions, nearly 1,000 new followers, 300 post likes and 200 competition entries for @detail_thugga.

The giveaway prizes featured £900 of detailing products and services and on 1 September 2020, Ryan Austin was announced as the lucky winner.

6 weeks later Ryan’s Hyundai i30N was professionally detailed by Carl Fowell, owner and detailer at Detail Thugga in Stoke-On-Trent over 4 days, and coated with Pyramid Car Care's ceramic coatings.

In 4 days the Hundai i30N was completely transformed.

  • The car was delivered to Detail Thugga on Tuesday

  • Safe washing was completed using Snow Foam and the 2 bucket hand wash method

  • Iron fallout and tar was chemically removed

  • Bonded contaminants were removed from the paint work using a clay bar

  • Wheel arches were flush clean

  • Wheels were deep cleaned inside and out

  • A final snow foam was left to dwell and rinsed

  • Engine bay, door shuts/jams and water runs were steam cleaned

  • Plastics were cleaned of all old polish and wax residue

  • 2 stage machine polishing was completed: a cutting stage and a final refinement stage

  • The car was wiped down with an IPA

  • A combo of Ceramic Coatings completed the detail, protecting the paintwork and locking it the newly refined paintwork

  • Ceramic Coating Pro was applied, providing a base layer and 5 year’s protection

  • Ceramic Coating Premium was applied over the top, to further enhance gloss, durability and water behaviour

Plus, Ryan received a bundle of detailing products and Ceramic Wax to clean and maintain his freshly ceramic coated i30N.

Check out one of our latest reviews by @gilly_wash about Pyramid Car Care's Ceramic Wax.

In addition to all of that, professional automotive photographer, Danny Sleeuwenhoek (, captured the Ceramic Coating application and final handover of the vehicle.

Detail Thugga is a Car Detailer in Stoke, Staffordshire. Follow him on Instagram for tips, inspiration and detailing porn @detail_thugga

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