Pyramid Car Care Glass Coating

I am a massive fan of hydrophobic glass cleaners and sealants but have never taken the plunge into full coatings, so when Pyramid mentioned they were about to launch a product that was easy to apply I jumped at the chance to test it.

My experience-

I started using Rain-X a few years ago and I’ve never looked back, it makes winter driving so much safer and more enjoyable. I then moved on to applying a few other hydrophobic cleaners from various detailing brands but more recently I discovered Glass Armour from Pyramid, a sealant that is step up in durability and the speed in which water flows off the glass, but I have always wondered how much better full coatings were.

The new coating-

Pyramid Car Care Glass Coating will be launched soon with a list price of £18.95 for 30ml including an applicator block. They claim durability of 1-2 years, so for me that seems like great value as it’s enough to fully coat both of my cars with 2 layers on windscreens and one on the sides and back. I would guess that I will get closer to the two years protection on one car as it doesn’t travel far but the other does around 40k miles a year and I was it weekly so I will be very impressed if it gets anywhere near one years protection. We will have to wait and see on that!


To get the best results from a glass coating, preparation will be key. The level of prep needed will vary depending on the glass’ age or condition and if it has a previous sealant of any kind already on it. If your car or windscreen is brand new you could just give it a thorough clean and dry with a glass cleaner before applying, if you’re like me and the windscreen is in good condition but has remnants of a previous sealant then that will need to be removed. To remove mine I used Reset from EZ which is a wax stripping spray, but you can get snow foams and shampoo’s which have these properties too. After a couple of wipes over with Reset the old protection was gone. To ensure there were no other contaminants on the glass I used a small chunk of the new Pyramid clay bar and went over until the surface was perfectly smooth, then finally wiped it down with some panel wipe and I was ready to apply. If the glass is older or in poor condition then you may want to consider polishing after claying.


To apply the new Pyramid Glass Coating I dotted a line of product through the middle of a micro fibre pad, then spread up and down across half of the windscreen, crossing that left and right to ensure full coverage. You will see a thin wet film of product here, if it’s patchy looking just add a couple more drops and go back over that section. Once you have applied an even coverage to half the windscreen wait 15 seconds or so to allow the product to bond before taking a clean microfibre towel and very lightly go over the area to remove excess product, not buffing off completely but just using light pressure. Flip the towel or reach for a second clean one to buff off completely. I didn’t find this difficult at all to buff off. I could have left it there but I decided to go for a second layer to further enhance the durability of the product, so left it for a couple of hours and repeated the process again.


The next morning I went out to see how the water was behaving, first using a hose attachment to give a rain like effect and there was plenty of beading and run off, then sprayed straight out of the hose pipe to flood the panel and see how it sheets off. That was also impressive, very quick and didn’t leave a single drop. The other thing I noticed was just how crystal clear the screen was, I mean you’d hope so after all of the cleaning preparation, but if this seals that hard work in for a long time it will be great.

It’s been a week since applying the Glass Coating and the characteristics are the same as you’d expect considering the durability is claimed to be one to two years. I have had chance to drive in heavy rain now, the beads start flying off between 30-40 mph and by 60 mph motorway driving in heavy rain the water is just gone, definitely no need for wipers, even when overtaking lorries with all the spray the water just throws up. It’s Also worth noting with town driving at low speeds I can see pretty clearly through the beading, but if I do use the wipers they leave the glass perfectly clear with no streaking or juddering.

Pyramid have a reputation of making coatings easy to apply, with many professionals offering them to customers for this reason. Being able to use the products outside with quick curing times makes them accessible to valeters, offering sealants and usable enough for enthusiasts like myself at home too. This new glass coating is no exception to that and for my first step into full coatings it went very smoothly with no dramas what so ever.

Keep an eye out for release of the Pramid Car Care Glass Coating soon and remember if you want to try it or any other Pyramid Car Care products you can check them out here-

Pyramid have kindly set up a discount code for me ‘GillyWash’ which will give you 15% discount, or if you are a member of this site check the discount page for even bigger savings!

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