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Updated: Nov 1, 2020

As an enthusiast who sees detailing as a hobby I do enjoy the process of applying a traditional wax from time to time. The usual downsides of traditional wax is finding the time and the results not lasting as long as some spray products that are available but reading that this ceramic wax boasts 6 months durability and an easy application I was very excited to give it a go.

On receiving the product there was no gimmicks with display boxes or masses of literature like some of the big brands are known to do, Just a neatly labelled and classy feeling glass pot with a simple foam applicator thrown in for good measure. Couldn’t resist going in for a sniff straight away and its delicious, one that you cant quite put your finger on but very strong and familiar sweet berry like scent with no hint of the solvents like some others have. The pour was perfectly smooth with just a slight crack of shrinkage around the jar.

To put it to use then it seemed wasted on my daily car as I’m currently working on a project at a quarry and get absolutely fifthly every day. My other car is an old ST fiesta but this needs some heavy correction and maybe even paintwork before its worth treating to a luxury wax so I borrowed my Sister SQ5. In Sepang Blue and not usually looked after much beyond a quick wash I knew it would be a good one to really show off a good wax. After a full decon wash which included Pyramid Fallout remover and Tar and Glue remover, I also clayed it and gave it a quick polish then panel wipe. All was going well until the British weather typically on a day where no rain was forecast started hammering down. I carried on with the interior and engine bay until it finally brightened up at about 4pm giving me a couple of hours of light to get finished so went for it.

Thankfully application was as advertised spreading thinly and evenly with ease. I applied to the bonnet first to gauge curing time and when I had finished spreading this it was not quite ready so I carried on down one whole side too before returning to buff off. Using a Pyramid short pile soft microfibre towel which I mention every time I talk about these products because for £1.50 each without buying a bulk amount they are an absolute bargain. One swipe removed pretty much all of the product then flipping to a clean side for a final buff I was very impressed with how easy this was leaving no streaks, no grabby bits and no excessive buffing needed I really don’t think a wax could be easier. Filled with confidence from this big first pass I continued to do the other side and rear on a second pass of the car then finished with roof and front bumper on a third. Completed in less than an hour!

Now the sun was getting low in the sky I stood back to admire my work and was very impressed, I know good reflective glossiness can be achieved quickly with most spray products but this lived up to the traditional wax traits of adding a warm glow and depth of colour. Much richer and deeper than I remember seeing before with the metallic flake in the paint really showing through too.

To finish other surfaces I also applied Alloy Armour which is a really easy spray and wipe leaving the wheels super slick to stop brake dust sticking. Also gave the windscreen two coats of Glass Armour which I love as an upgrade from the usual hydrophobic glass cleaners as it offers longer lasting protection and even clearer vision with water flying off even at low speeds.

I have become a big fan of Pyramid products lately with the cleaning and protection ranges performing very well for unbeatable value. The wax being developed with master wax makers ODK is a jump up in price so I had high expectations for it to be a really luxury product and it did not disappoint at all, in fact exceeding expectations being an absolute pleasure for ease of use and great results.

As I have a few Pyramid products to post about at the moment the guys have set up code GillyWash for a discount so for some great deals go and have a look...

“GillyWash” provides 15% off at Individual use only: not valid in conjunction with any other code, coupon, voucher, discount or gift. Excludes sale items. Not valid for trade accounts. The coupon code may be used once per customer. Pyramid Car Care Ltd reserves the right to refuse or withdraw this coupon code at any point.

Nick Gillibrand (Instagram @Gilly_Wash)

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